Well, that just happened

Hit randomize, got Wager Master vs AA, Chrono- Ranger, and Redeemer Fanatic at the Enclave.

WM plays 2 wagelings and a Playing Dice with the Cosmos. Figured I’d be able to bring one Wageling down so they are farther away from their lose condition, but Fanatic didn’t start with any damage cards and CR could only do 2. AA started with no songs to play so did nothing.

Environment plays Slamara, who then plays another wageling. The heroes got Syncopated onslaught, Displaced Armory (so wageling to 3), and Absolution.

Then I lost :confused:

I think that’s the fastest loss I’ve had on WM. I guess it makes up for the win I had before the heroes even had a turn.


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Never had him beat you before you got a turn, then?

I’ve had it both ways - lose and win during setup. I think a patch or two back changed something for the auto-win. Maybe it can still happen, but it won’t count for achievements? I got grandfathered in that way - earned both victory with no plays and no powers on the same game!

Oh, cool. :smiley: I tend to forget Wagelings even have that loss condition, but there you go!

The random button just gave me Parse, Setting Sun Ra, Scholar, and Lifeline vs Heroic Infinitor at Champion Studios. RS plays a staff, does 3 irreducible damage to the manifestations, then Infinitor does 1 damage to everything, game over on the 2nd villain turn.


marvelous XD