What a game!

I just finished a wild game, and came back from behind to dominate in the end!

So, first of all, a warning: don’t fight The Ennead in Mordengrad if you can help it; 9 of the 15 cards in that environment deck trigger discards off the top of the villain deck, setting off one or more Ennead members with each discard. Yeesh!

Second, if you do fight that combo, always take an Akash’Thriya.

Third, Doctor Medico and The Scholar work insanely well together - Mortal Form To Energy did the lion’s share of the damage for the entire team!

I’ll review my log and write up some details later if anyone wants to hear it, but right now I just wanted to share a little about one of the most fun games I’ve had in a while. Shoot, if anyone else has had an especially thrilling fight they’d like to talk about, we can make a thread of it.

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When I have a particularly cool game, I tend to save the log, though I’m way behind on getting these translated into a human-readable one, let alone condensed down into a story that can fit in a few paragraphs. I also have brief summaries for virtually every game I’ve played since I started in 2014, and more detailed ones since I began playing the app in May of this year. One day, before I’m deprived of internet access due to poverty, I hope to dump all this data somewhere that the rest of the community will have free access to it, so that my substantial experience will be able to enlighten someone else instead of just being lost in the digital Void.

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