What A Legend

So, I have just received Gigachad’s decks. So, for some context, the only expansions I owned were RC+IR, VotM, and the Unity and Ambuscade promo decks. I really wanted Shattered Timelines. My birthday party was soon. So my uncle found Shattered Timelines, WotC, and Vengeance. My uncle decided, with this amount, to make it my Birthday and Christmas present. Then. THEN! The seller, the absolute LEGEND, sent my uncle his full collection, including:
-The stuff my uncle got already
-His base set and RC and IR
-Banana Republic, the Daimyo and Geisha, Kaiju City, and the ZMB virus
-And The Cauldron. Both base and Experimental.
I just want to give a shout-out to the LEGEND that is the seller.
Edit: Also every pre-villains variant and the oversized villain cards.