what DHMG property should Handelabra make an app of first

Bottom of the 9th in my opioion. should be an easy one to code and a good one to play againist an AI as long as it doesnt cheat.

I'd say VivaJava Dice or Compounded.

Compounded would be my favoured option. But Brew Crafters would be really nice, too.

Bottom of the 9th is my favorite of their games, so that gets my vote.

How hard is it to get a decent AI for trading though? That's something that might make Compounded a bit tougher to program

The other plus side to Bottom Of the Ninth is that it already has the Sentinels team as a means to advertise the game to the Sentinels audience

I've only played Bottom of the Ninth, so i'll go with that.

bottom of the ninth would be good because I can see that being easy for an AI controlled player. Compounded would be nice too but still need to sit down and play that one