what games to play next on nintendo?

ok, you guys anyone else who has finished all the levels of the games and played them over and over on Nintendo, or is it just me? X(

I wrote this post because I am looking for new games so can you guys please suggest some.

I already looked a bunch up I couldn't find many games and reviews online so I thought it would be better if I asked in a games forum some people who actually play games and can maybe suggest some good ones, I'll be very thankful if you do.

I also found some lists of Nintendo games that are about to come out (i typed new 2021 Nintendo switch games and best results were on sheeparcade and ign websites if you ask for my opinion) and I honestly only looked for those who will be released soon and I got a bunch of results but I would be grateful if I could play NOW and then buy the others when they come out. Help me, please :)

I hear there's this cool game called Sentinels of Freedom available for the Switch now...

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Funny how this person keeps finding "the best results" on the exact same two websites every single time... :P

Most bang for your buck is gonna be Animal Crossing, if you want to live your whole life in an online world, or Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is a sweeping tactical RPG with 4 branching paths, leading to literally hundreds of hours of replayability.

Isn't Guise in Fire Emblam Three Houses?

He is.

Actually playing 3 houses currently.