what games to play?

Hello everyone. Well, I wanted to try new games to play and I had to look up some good games. As it took me a long time searching for good games and after trying them I can confirm the ones I personally found good. If you are looking for games to play that have a good review, then this is the thread you'd need to read. I actually found many websites and as I don't wanna spam you guys I'd rather recommend the games. So personally I think among us is the best out there if you are looking for games to play with people of different ages. Then there is cyberpunk 2077, I personally find it super entertaining but it is definitely a bit "pricey". I also tried animal crossing, which is a fun game too but might get boring after some time (very personal opinion). I also tried rainbow six siege, very fun but if your team is not coordinating well ur dead haha. These are my favorite top 4 games to play. You can actually look up "top ten most played games in 2020 sheeparcade" to see a list of well-reviewed games, it is the list I followed anyway. I also looked up Infos in ign and Gamespot and they seem to all share the same results. I hope this thread was helpful. I'll keep uploading useful threads and posts <3. Peace out.

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Did you try Apex Legends? Yesterday I tried it for the first time, very fun game :D

I'm pretty sure the original poster in the thread was just a spambot, especially considering the fact said post has been edited/moved from an unrelated section of the forum. And the original poster doesn't seem to have been back, nor taken any steps to actually initiate any kind of discussion - if you read through their post, it is just a paragraph talking about something they did - they don't ask for any opinions or advice from anyone else, for example. Bit surprising some kind of dodgy-looking link hasn't been added in there, yet. Maybe it broke because the post got moved :D.

Yeah, I keep waiting for them to do something so I can nuke them... :-\ (I really doubt my "subtle" reference to the rules scared them off. ;-) 

What do you think of the new games this year? I think that all titles are outdated. I was really looking forward to OW2 and Diablo 4, but the Blizzards said that it should not be expected in 2021. All games are monotonous, I hope that big companies will come up with some kind of new genre, as it was with battle royals that you can dive into.

I don't play a huge amount of recent stuff. Some, but not a lot, and what I do play is mostly not big-name, super-expensive titles. Anything that is expensive I just wait for it to drop enough in a sale or something :D. And plenty of what I play can date back as far as the late '80s as I like replaying older stuff.