What Minor Games Do You Play? – A Poll

Hello, all!

Below is a poll I made to poll which minor games made by GTG folks own/play. A “minor game” is defined as any game whose Forum is in the #other-games category, rather than the #games category, which is pretty much everything other than Spirit Island and most of the Sentinel Comics games.

Minor Games Poll
  • Bottom of the 9th
  • Any Dice Hate Me games
  • Exoplanets
  • Fate of the Elder Gods
  • Galactic Strike Force
  • Lazer Ryderz
  • Sentinel Tactics

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I own only Sentinel Tactics from this list, but I also own Compounded from GTG… but have yet to actually play it, so I couldn’t vote for it by the rules of the poll anyways.

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I played Sentinel Tactics a couple times and was underwhelmed; I ended up giving it away. I do still wish the game had continued to develop, but it wasn’t for me.

I just got a copy of Tactics since it was on mega-sale, and played it once with friends who were pretty cool on it overall.

I also have Bot9 digital, though I haven’t played it in quite a while. But that’s why I voted on those two. :slight_smile:

“Own” and “play” are two very different questions. I bought Tactics because I really enjoyed the skirmish demo I played, but it never hits my table because of the setup time and bad co-op. I got Bot9 digital for free but haven’t even loaded it up yet.

I definitely own a lot of these but not all of them have seen a lot of play. Bottom of the Ninth and Fate of the Elder Gods are the two I’ve probably played the most of.

Likewise, I own Sentinel Tactics but I’ve only played it once or twice. The most fun I had with it was painting the minis.

Now Bottom of the 9th…tiny game, super fun! It also works great as a spectator game.

I really agree with this.

It’s pretty fun on digital now and then, Handelabra did a great job with it. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to hear about that one when you do try it. I’d seen another game called Covalence in my local game store a few years ago, but never did check it out. Bet I’d be interested in either of those, being a chemist myself! :man_scientist:

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My wife is a biochemist by education, and this was a Christmas present… two years ago… and then another kid sapped all our evening energy for games. One day!

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It’s been eight days. Here are the results so far:

Sentinel Tactics: 8 votes
Bottom of the 9th: 6 votes
Galactic Strike Force: 3 votes
Lazer Ryderz: 3 votes
Dice Hate Me Games: 2 votes
Exoplanets: 2 votes
Fate of the Elder Gods: 2 votes

I voted for Fate of the Elder Gods, because that’s the only one I own or have ever played. Although I have looked into Galactic Strike Force and Sentinel Tactics, but I have learned that their quality has something to be desired.

Yeah, I’ve always been interested in GSF, but I’ve not heard great things about it. :B

Scuttlebutt says they’re working on a revamp. They alluded to this in a very hush hush way at the end of a recent podcast.

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