What would be the best first game?

I am a highschool student that is joining a strategy game club and is planning to bring sentinels of the multiverse definitive edition. What would be a reasonable team that is fast enjoyable and easy to learn while being fun enough to run multiple times?


Legacy, Wraith and Ra are all good and fairly straightforward heroes. I think stick with lower complexity heroes, but maybe a few harder but fun ones like Tempest. Blade is my favorite villain for introduction, for obvious reasons. Maybe let others decide which environment they want, as long as it isn’t to complex. Great idea though!

Part of my thought is these are experienced players just not in this game. So that once they figure it out they may get bored by someone like Ra.

Legacy might be the closest to getting boring since his turns are the least complex out of anyone. Ra’s shtick is burning things but he can get complex in keeping out setups. Regardless, if they get bored with any given hero after the first game then they can dig into other heroes in the box.

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True… The first game I ever played was with Haka, but I haven’t played definitive haka yet.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been playing for years, I’m still happy to play Ra anytime.

I don’t find that complexity necessarily means more fun, and Ra has interesting interactions in his deck. The reason he’s less complex is that his interactions can mostly be ignored in favorite of just burning everything that moves.

Again, your mileage may vary.


I am asking what team displays the mechanics of the game the best without confusing or overwhelming.

I agree with psychedelicchurro in that I still like Ra, but if people start getting the hang of it, Unity and CC are a maybe. Depends on their rate of improvement.

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Thanks for the recommendations any tips on what I can do to teach the game better? I’ve had both good and bad experiences with teaching people. I’m excited and hope I can teach some new people to enjoy the game tomorrow.

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I don’t think Unity or CC are great, since you have to introduce the idea of non-Character hero targets. Not AA or AZ for obvious reasons, and probably not Bunker either because of his weird tempo. Not Fanatic, because she’s unlikely to pop off. Legacy is a good choice for you to play yourself, since he’s boring and you can turn your brain off. (Christopher does this when he demos.) I think the rest are all fine.

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