What You Believe in

Here's a little something I cooked up. It's not much but it's very sweet.


Paul Parsons the 8th twisted his ring nervously. He had worn that ring since it had been retrieved from his father’s body after his final battle. He looked at the ring. It had been worn by countless Legacies and yet the words engraved in it still shined as bright and clear as day. “Furthering your father's legacy.”


Was Pauline ready to take this responsibility? Sure, she had fought well in the past but was she ready to be a Legacy? Being a Legacy required more than just might. It required leadership and a firm desire to protect what you believed in, whatever that might be. For Paul it had meant his country but soon it was his friends and family, the Freedom Five and all the others, that he had believed in the most. He still believed in them. They had all changed and become the best versions of themselves.


What would Pauline believe in? Legacy wondered. His daughter had always been a mystery to him. Sometimes he felt like a failure of a parent because of this. But whenever he felt like this Pauline would come over and assure him that she couldn’t have a better father. “And I couldn’t have a better daughter.” He would always reply. And it was true. She really was the best daughter he could ever ask for, even with the countless other universes out there.


“Sir, it’s time.” The voice of the stage hand brought Paul back to reality.


“Thank you.” He told the stage hand.


Paul walked through the door to the stage uncharacteristically nervous. Fighting supervillains was nothing compared to this. But then he saw his daughter. His bright, shining, happy daughter, wearing her Legacy costume, and all worry evaporated from his face. He smiled. She was ready.


He cleared his throat. The lights in the auditorium of Freedom Plaza dimmed. The crowd fell silent.


“Today we honor a new start.” Paul began, reciting his preordained speech. “A new beginning. After the terrifying event that was OblivAeon, we must all do our part to rebuild the world and continue to defend it. I, however, will not be helping to defend it. I will be taking the name of Heritage and mentoring the new heroes of this age along with the rest of the Freedom Five. However, you will not be without a Legacy.” He turned to his daughter. “Do you, Pauline Felicia Parsons, accept the mantle of Legacy and all that it entails? To lead and defend Liberty and Justice wherever it might be oppressed?”


Pauline smiled. “Yes.” She said formally.


Paul smiled back. His daughter was all grown up. He took off the Legacy Ring and held it out to her. “I present to you the Legacy Ring. This Ring has been passed down through generations of Parsons and now it will be passed down to you.”


Pauline looked at the ring. She made a move that looked like she was going to take it, but instead she closed her father’s hand around it.


“Keep it dad. I have my own.” She held up the ring and gave Unity, who was in the audience, a wink. Paul looked at the ring. On it was engraved “Furthering a Legacy of Truth, Justice, and Defending What you Believe in.” Paul looked at it. It was fitting. He took the ring out of Pauline’s hand and put it on her finger.


“To a new Legacy!” Paul called out. He smiled. Pauline would make a good Legacy. He just knew it.



As the crowd clapped and cheered for a new Legacy, a sinister force was heading their way. Two dynamos, one on fire and the other shrouded in light, hurtled towards the auditorium from above. Closer... closer... boom! Impact. Throigh the celing and onto the floor. And rising from the crater they made are Citizens Hammer and Anvil. They're not citizens anymore, though. Citizen dawn is gone. So what are they doing here.


The newest Legacy looks at her father. "Well dad, are you up for one last fight?" She cracks her knuckles, smiling


Legacy smiles. "You know what, maybe I am." He says. "Freedom Five! Let's make these two sorry they came here!" And that was that. Legacy, Heritage, Absolute Zero, Tachyon, Bunker, Wraith, and Unity all together for one last fight before they go down their new paths.