What's Fixed in the Errata Pack?

What things does the Spirit Island Errata Pack actually fix? Are they just typos,* or actual rule differences, or some mix of both? I’d appreciate some kind of list. Thanks in advance.

*Such as “Shadows’ Flicker Like Flame,” which is I think the only error I know about.

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They’re on the FAQ, but less prominently linked than they used to be because we’re something like 5 printings and 3 years past the affected editions:

Note that only the 4th and 5th printings of the core game need the errata pack, and that the 6th printing sneakily masquerades as the 5th printing (here’s how to tell them apart). Ordering an errata pack you don’t need will cost Greater Than Games money, and will make someone who does need an errata pack very sad when they sell out.


Thanks, @Eric_R!

Yeah, I got my copy a while back (4th Printing), and haven’t really looked into the Errata Pack until now.