What's going on with Cheapass Games?

Ideally, I’d like the print and play files back but failing that are there going to be new editions of the games?

I think you can understand that “take on a handful of the most popular games and take away the rest” isn’t exactly making me feel positive about the acquisition.

what acquisition?

Happened a few years ago Greater Than Games has acquired Cheapass Games | Board Game Quest

Yeah, the situation in brief.

GtG acquire the full rights to Cheapass Games in 2019.

They celebrate by taking down the original site (and a large number of Print & Play files) and making the URL redirect to them.

They tell us to stay tuned for an update and then radio silence for three years…

I think part of it is probably the face that supply chains and printing/board game production have been a bit…disrupted for the last couple of years. That said, I’d love to see the Brawl decks back in print, and print-and-play files would be fab!

They’ve already updated some of the games, like Kill Doctor Lucky. More will be forthcoming. I don’t know if there’s a viable plan for re-releasing more of their massive catalog at a more reasonable rate.

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I do agree it’s disappointing that they haven’t updated the site with the Print and Play files, especially considering there’s been a number of downloads for other GTG IPs that also got removed in the site upgrade and never restored.

Supply issues are the reason that physical updates have been thin on the ground, as liarliar noted, but I don’t see a good reason for not restoring the old digital downloads IMHO.



Maybe this should be a new post, but my questions start from a Cheapass Games perspective.

I was a Demo Monkey for Cheapass Games. And took their games to multiple board games stores (around Columbus Ohio) at least once a month.

I guess when GTG bought Cheapass, I was transferred over to their Citizens Program? Maybe?

I spoke to someone at Origins 2019, and was told to check ‘something’ out and details would follow on how I could Demo for GTG.

Then Pandemic.

Needless to say I’m not sure where/how to access the Citizens Program? But I bought Definitive Edition of Sentials and was hoping to be able to demo the game.I also would love to keep demoing all my Cheapass Games.

Where do I go to get certified to Demo? Is there a place to record Demos? Is there a reward program for doing demos? Help?

(I’ve gone to the Facebook Citizens page, but that just seems like one person posting links to marvel games???)

Any direction is appreciated. And will there be a booth/volunteers needed for Origins this year?


@bailey are you able to assist?

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Thanks for the @ @Powerhound_2000 !

Hi @TyphonLLC. If you could, please send an email to citizens@greaterthangames.com with any of your contact information you used before plus updated information. We will absolutely work with you for the future! I can also tell you more information about the Citizens program in the reply email.

As a side note, we are not going to be attending Origins this year. This year, we are going to GenCon, UKGE, and Essen. (Finger’s crossed, knock on wood, etc.)

You can also email contact@greaterthangames.com for any other questions! Thanks!
-Bailey (xir/xir)

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Thanks @Powerhound_2000 and @bailey.

Inbound email on it’s way.

I’ll be at Origins, maybe I’ll set up a table to play GTG games during free time.

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