What's the canon situation for Rook City?

I’m working with my group to start a new game set in Rook City. I know the Dark Watch book that’s coming eventually will have a lot of info, but just based on what we know from the Letters Page and other sources I was wondering what the canon post-OblivAeon situation is in Rook City.

From what I can recall, a lot of the city got destroyed but much of that was undone by a combination of Setback and Chrono Ranger. Nightmist’s haven got destroyed, letting out a bunch of magical monsters. Zhu Long is plotting safely.

Are there any canon things going on with Graham Pike and the Organization? I don’t remember much on that note, but I read on the wiki that he hid himself away during the OblivAeon crisis. What else might I be forgetting?

We have this blurb from the Urban Manifestation one shot

In the wake of the global destruction from the OblivAeon event, Rook City is worse than ever, rocked with rifts of chaos magic causing all kinds havoc (and let’s be honest, Rook City–the capital of crime and
urban decay–wasn’t in great shape to begin with). Myriad, a villain composed entirely of crawling insects whose origin is linked to members of Daybreak, is taking advantage of these magical rifts to cause even more carnage. He’s not responsible for the rifts’ existence nor is he particularly getting any power out of them: he’s just using them to do even more damage than what he normally could do on his own.
Normally, the hero team known as Dark Watch would be there to stop him, as Rook City is where they do the bulk of their crime-fighting. However, with the
loss of the hero NightMist during the OblivAeon event, Dark Watch are fighting a losing battle against all the other effects of the chaos rifts and haven’t been able to regroup to capture Myriad. Plus, they’ve got their hands full dealing with the magical fallout of NightMist’s former home.This has lead Daybreak to Rook City to help out.
Unfortunately, they too are not equipped to deal with everything at once… and not only that, they might be in some trouble once they return home!

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As far as I know, that is all correct.

As for The Chairman, below is an excerpt from @WalkingTarget’s transcript of Mr. Pike’s episode:

Since Rook City wasn’t damaged as much [as in the Vertex Timeline], he [Pike] just spends his time down there [in his emergency bunker under Pike Industries]. Nobody knows what he’s been up to since he’s never discovered. Pike Industries is still running and is in charge of a lot of rebuilding. The Organization is still around too, with a new Operative (a brand new character). We the game players/podcast listeners know that it’s obviously still him running things behind the scenes, but as far as anybody else in-setting is concerned it’s just other people taking advantage of his absence like he took advantage of his father and Mickey Boyle.

So, basically, the Organization is still running, but The Chairman isn’t visibly doing anything.

You could already know all this, though, seeing as you said that you read up on him on the Wiki.

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super recent episodes of Letters Page state that Pike is becoming a public figure as a philanthropist business leader. He has the same name as the founder but obviously it must be his grandson or something, and the Pike Industries CEO has been an unseen recluse for decades so who can say.
Zhu Long is setting up his new Temple in ©Rook City, the magic rifts might not help him but there is a “magic underground” that he is taking advantage of
The Dark Watch heroes have started a larger “city watch” type organization with people training with Mantra and giving information to Ex-Pat for C&C

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