Where can I find the digital resource kit now, please?

There was a free digital resource kit on the >G store containing the character sheets and a hero creation quick reference mentioned at https://www.reddit.com/r/sentinelsmultiverse/comments/lik4yr/sentinel_comics_rpg_free_resource_kit/

The link in that thread no longer works. Does anyone know where I can find the resource kit now, please?


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@bailey are you able to help?


I asked this same question awhile back in another thread. @Powerhound_2000 and @Omegatron were able to provide some of the files there.

Thanks, unfortunately that’s all of them except for the main one I actually need: The hero creation quick reference. :frowning: I’m looking at running a PBF game.

I believe that that was just page 46 of the core rulebook?

Creating_Heroes_Quick_Reference.pdf (18.2 MB)

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