The Character Sheets that Vanished

Greetings, forumites.

On GTG’s webstore’s page for the Core Rulebook, there were originally free, form-fillable PDFs for the Villain Character Sheet, Hero Character Sheet, and Auxiliary Sheet.

However, it appears that when GTG updated their website, those files were lost and are no longer available to download from that page.

So, has anyone saved a copy of those files that they can share? If not, can @bailey provide them (and/or get them back on that page)?

I do hope they find a way to make them available on the site again but here’s what I have. Character Sheet Blank Form Fillable Rev.pdf (12.2 MB)


I hope so too. Thanks for what you provided, though, @Powerhound_2000.

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Auxiliary_Sheet.pdf (9.3 MB)

Villain_Character_sheet_Form_Fillable.pdf (11.7 MB)



Yep! Those are precisely what I was talking about. Thanks, @Omegatron!

They fixed the form fillable villain sheet and put it on Drive thru

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