Where is Omnitron IV?

Huh? Where is it? Megalopolis? Rook City? St. Louis? Somewhere else? Do we even know?

I’m asking because I’m planning on running an SCRPG arc based on it.

From Episode 58

  • Where is it located? How did it get so far along before the heroes were aware of it? It was a mostly-automated robot factory in the Great Lakes area. The Omnitron programming gets into it and the foreman can’t get a handle on it and contacts his bosses, who don’t want it to get out that their factory isn’t operating properly and so it’s hushed up. It then takes only a few days before it becomes obvious that it’s Omnitron at which point the heroes descend upon it, but it’s Omnitron and so it’s hard to eliminate completely.
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Does this mean a factory that makes robots, or a factory that primarily uses robots…?

Because if it’s the latter, it could be basically any automotive factory! Otherwise, it’s probably a company that makes the robots for said automotive factories. Either way, my guess is in Michigan! GTG better look out, because it could be close to their new warehouse!


A factory that makes robots, uses robots, and is a robot



This meme certainly crossed my mind

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Thanks @Powerhound_2000!

(And I’ll probably portray the factory as a roboticised robot-making factory before Omnitron’s takeover if it comes up.)

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Gee, I wonder what kind of robots it was making before the takeover? :slight_smile:

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Yeah, those would certainly work. If I had some reason to portray the factory before the Omnicode’s takeover*, the Peacekeeper 'bots would be great. But due to the fact that I’m running the game after the factory’s been transformed into Omnitron IV, I’m more inclined to use specifically Omnitron drones. (Namely those found in SotM’s Omnitron IV deck — Mechani-Accumulators and Techno-Pursuers.)

Plus, I expect to only have three heroes, so the scene elements will be limited. I’m planning on having the three elements be Omnitron IV (environment), the Partial Omni-Drone (villain), and Revenant (villain).† Although I might incorporate their lieutenant form into the Omnitron IV environment.

Also, I’ve decided that the factory that becomes Omnitron IV was a factory that used robots to make both more robots and cars. So now everyone’s happy. : )

*Such as, for example, a time travel mission to prevent Omni-Blade from getting a foothold there.

†Revenant’s there for plot reasons; he’s the mastermind behind the whole arc, as I figured that Omnitron IV isn’t smart/motivated enough to carry out all the plots that I want to have happen, although Revenant will get betrayed by Omnitron and his suit taken over in the final battle.

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Sounds like that’ll be a good session. Having villains backstabbing one another can be a good way to adjust scene difficulty on the fly too.

Speaking of cars, does it weird anyone else out how few canon heroes have Signature Vehicles? The Sentinels multiverse feels rather thin on thematic-thingmobiles, cosmic surfboards, dangerously transparent aircraft and motorcycles made out of hellfire by my standards. :slight_smile:

Not to mention team transport vehicles that get shot down two panels after they show up in an issue, but they’re a somewhat different sort of quinjet.

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Omnitron IV is the friends we made along the way?

I think they have said Expatriot has a van that is seen enough that it was almost in her deck.

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Expatriot is definitely the name of a variant for her, but in what Universe? Is she fighting against America?

(Not trying to make fun of misspelling the name, it’s extremely common, seeing this just made me think how perfect it would be for a different universe!)

Oh yeah, they have mentioned that a few times. Very…Punisher-y of her, that.

One of my groups actually fought a villain(?) named X-Patriot a few months ago. He was pretty much what you’d get if you imagine Captain America getting recalled from Nam for a publicity tour and then being told to help suppress the protests at Kent State. Vehement opponent of Nixon, as you’d expect.

Campaign’s set in 1970, obviously. My character’s costume has bell bottoms. Not quite as serious a game as X-Patriot might make it sound.

Good point. It looks like the only Signature Vehicles in the SCRPG Core Rulebook are Timeslinger’s Robot Horse, Snare’s Drum Throne, and maybe Desert Eagle’s Eagle Eye System, and none of those are really traditional vehicles. But if you also want to count the Villainous Vehicle Upgrade, there’s Mecha-Stalin’s Soviet Hover-Tank and Ray Manta’s drone thingy.

Thinking about other heroes, besides Expat’s van that @Sea-Envy mentioned, Bunker definitely has the Bunker-Copter, of course. Oh, and we can’t forget the most radical vehicle of all: Sk8-Blayde’s Sk8-Board!

Regarding team transports, the FF have the Freedom Jet and Wraith’s The Spirit, and Void Guard have The Criterion, but I actually think that most other teams rely on teleportation instead? Does Diamond Manor count as a “vehicle?” It can get you anywhere, after all.

Also, in a one-shot I ran for some first-time players with premade heroes, Absolute Zero’s player really learned into his music side and gave him a tour bus that she eventually used to ram into the villain’s giant shark-mecha.

Omnitron IV was inside all of us the whole time!

Or fighting for Canada, perhaps.

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Huh. I guess that’s more vehicle than weapon, although it doesn’t function as such in the adventure.

Pretty sure that’s his targeting system, not his wingsuit.

There’s also Mainstay’s Sweet Rhonda, at least until there isn’t. Don’t know how I forgot that one considering I reffed Ghost Rider and everything.

Those seem like team vehicles, or possibly a mobile base for the Void Guard, rather than a specific hero’s signature thing. So more a storytelling element that exists for narrative convenience than part of a character sheet, much like the endless short-lived quinjets and the less-casually-expendable Blackbird - or in SoM, Voss’ supply of space warships.

That’s a base with the “portal access” perk, which is yet another kettle, this one filled with aquarium decor pieces. :slight_smile:

As will happen, naturally.

How does Guise not have a Guisemobile? Probably owes DMV money for tickets back in his Joe King days and can’t get registered.

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go ahead and make fun.
my first post was the “friends we made” joke

Actually, I think the energy shield featured in the Battle of the Bands adventure is a product of Snare’s powers; I don’t believe that the chair allows her to do anything other than float.

Yeah, that’s what I think too, but I’m not sure how it’s categorised, mechanics-wise. It could be a Signature Vehicle, Signature Weaponry, or just an Invented Power. I leaned towards Signature Vehicle because Desert Eagle already has another Signature Weapon.

Right, that’s what I intended.

The Watsonian Answer: Guise is the Guisemobile. I recently watched some episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold which featured Plastic Man turning himself into cars. Logic dictates that Guise could do similar, although it’s certainly one of the more unsettling abilities of a shapeshifter/stretcher, to me, at least.

The Doylist Answer: Guise doesn’t have a Guisemobile, because why would he? There are no characters in Sentinel Comics who have a [blank]-mobile, so Guise would have no one to parody. This is definitely true in Universe 1. However, I’m unsure about when Guise breaks the fourth into the Metaverse; it would depend on if DC and Marvel (specifically DC, and especially Batman) exist in the Metaverse. However, they do both definitely exist in the Meta-Metaverse, so when Guise is breaking into our world, he conceivably could have a Guisemobile.

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You’re right, but her throne does appear on her character sheet, presumably as a signature vehicle. Doesn’t have any abilities tied to it and no way to include it one (they all key on status or other powers) so I guess she’d just be using it for basic actions.

He is kind of an odd build, isn’t he? Nothing preventing you from having multiple signature weapons or even vehicles, although the advantages seem questionable. And as you said, it might just be a Hallmark power invented from scratch, not that precisely what it is matters too much with a villain. They aren’t picking red abilities from different categories, after all - token d6 in a Self-Control power for Major Regeneration is strictly a hero hack. :slight_smile:

Transformers are shapeshifters - kinda. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you’ve hit on an unstated truth of Universe 1. Maybe early comic publishers did have some fictional supers who notoriously used a Thingmobile and the idea was so roundly mocked that no “real” hero would dare drive a themed car these days.

Heck, maybe there was a "real’ Golden Age hero with a Thingmobile and Thingarangs and Thing-Grapples etc., etc. and they were eventually outed as having adopted the motif solely to sell toy merch, leading to them retiring to sulk in their Thingcave and the public vehemently rejecting any future super who followed in their footsteps and doing their best to forget the hero ever existed.

Guise has no apparent sense of shame, and might well decide he wants to have (or be) a Guisemobile if he stumbled across evidence of a Wombatmobile or whatever in the past. You could probably even build an actual comedy story around him trying to rehabilitate the reputation of some embittered codger of a Golden Age hero so that he can make Thingmobiles cool again, succeeding only to discover the greedy old coot has copyrighted the Guisemobile out from under him. :slight_smile:

More humor potential than helping Cueball and Polly Hedron with their relationship woes, anyway.

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