Who Knows the Wraith's Secret Identity During the Multiverse Era?

I searched through the Letters Page recaps on the wiki but couldn’t find an answer. I know that the Freedom Five and Unity most likely know but I’m not sure who else.

The OblivAeon episode suggests she definitely keeps the identity close to the vest as even her parents didn’t know she was Wraith. We did have in episode 140 where Miss Info setup a way that she feel unmasked into the Wretched Hive bar. However, we haven’t gotten a follow up as to whether any of them recognized her or cared.

As @Powerhound_2000 said, presumably any villains that Miss Info decided to tell. I wouldn’t be surprised if Parse figured it out. Haka and Tempest, being as close to the FF as they are, seem likely.

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With the Miss Information story, I think there was also the implication that people found out but the Heroes later did a double hoax trick so most of them think M.I. lied to them or that M.I. had been tricked by the heroes.
Just like earlier stories where they learned Wraith’s ID.
Or stories from “real” comics where people learned the truth and then the heroes trick them into thinking what they saw was an elaborate hoax

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I don’t think Haka and Tempest do? She’s in her Wraith costume in the barbecue photo (that Haka and Tempest are in).

Parse probably does. Setback probably accidentally found out and forgot.


Based off flavor text from EE we know Setback knew her identity.


Todays RCR update reminds me that Spite knows her identity and kills her friends.


And now all I can think about is how hilariously anticlimactic Spite’s first death is.

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Veil, Singular Entity of Secrets, almost definitely knows it.

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