WotC Shipping Dates?

Now that some time has passed... and deadlines draw near... Do you have a better grasp of the shipping dates for Wrath Of The Cosmos?

I am just trying to see if I need to buy something else for an Xmas gift for a friend... or will this be delivered in time to be wrapped and under their tree on the 24th?



Also, any word on tarcking numbers? Especially for those folk up north?



Seriously... no answer in 24hours and over 150 views? 

Having changed about 14 timezones twice in the last couple weeks and with lots of things going on for the company, I'm not too surprised that they've not responded.

It is quite likely that this will ship in time to be used as an xmas gift, but that is not guaranteed yet. We will send out emails later this month once we have more details.


Via Twitter yesterday afternoon: "It should ship out in the first or second week of December! The cargo container is making its way across the Pacific right now!"


seesome, thanks for the update, I keep forgetting to check my twitter, and when I do I just see Christopher talking about actual cannibal Shia Lebouf.

Great news. That means we'll probably have it in our hands around the the 14th of December? Give or take?

So us over-the-pond-ers might get it before Christmas? Awesome!

The great Thanksgiving Typhoon of 2014?

Cool, sounds like it should hopefully be arriving some time around my birthday :D.

...of which year?