Writing about the New OblivAeon Heroes

 NOTE: I will not post ANYTHING about the story that is not already mentioned in the Kickstarter Updates or the Lore section. 

So, I'm writing some fan fiction pieces that take place a little bit before and during the OblivAeon fight. I am writing about some of the characters that were villains, that are now heroes. What name makes most sense to use for them? Some of them I know what I can use, Baron Blade will always be Baron Blade. With Stuntman I can use his real name or even Ambuscade. I'm more concerned with the characters like La Capitan, Akash'bhuta, and Lifeline. DO I use their hero names? Their real names? Their old names? 
I'm looking for what makes most sense lore wise. Any recommendation is appreciated

I would think whatever identity they're currently under is what you should use?

The only proper way to prefer to La Capitan/Comadora is Maria Helena Teresa Fafila Servanda Jimena Mansuara Paterna Domenga Gelvira Placia Sendina Belita Eufemia Columba Gontina Aldonza Mafalda Cristina Tegrida de Falcon

Every single time, no substitutions. No substitutions.

Hope that helps. :D

I've been talking about Harpy using both that and her real name. Obviously she's a bit different from the ones you've listed, though...

My usual method would be to ask who is referring to them? If another character, then they'd probably use the last name they were familiar with, if it's the character themselves or the text it should be their 'real' name, whatever that might be. (There's a great, subtle moment around that in Anansi Boys...but, ah, it's probably better if you read it than if you hear it explained :P )

But once she's become La Comodora…

So which of her names did she drop? She already had Maria Helena de Falcon (actually just learned about dual last names in Spanish class) before she sailed time, and the bio says she dropped most of the names she acquired. Which means she still retained some names she acquired. Is she now Maria Helena Fafila Domenga Cristina de Falcon? Or Maria Helena Jimena Paterna Columbia Aldonza de Falcon? Or even Maria Helena Sendina de Falcon? How are we to know?

Basically, what should it be for the blank?

“Let’s do this!” <NAME> said

Fixed that for you.


I thought that "De Falcon" was also an acquired name? In the first Bio released during shattered timelines it refers to her as young Maria Helena, which could simply be her name with no surnames attatched, but if that's the case than which of the(counting,) 18 other names are her original Surnames. If Helena is her fathers Surname what is her Mother's Surname? Even then, De Falcon is more of a title or nickname than a proper name, since it is very similar to Leonardo's "Da Vinci"