Zombie minions

A little sad we do not have Zombie minions/lieutenants in the main book.
I will probably use the homunculus for the tougher ones but not sure if the weaker ones should also just get bonus to saves or bonus to Hinder based on group size as they swarm and overbear.
Any suggestions?
Also the season 1 livestream and “Stolen Legacy” had lieutenants with a resurrect ability but such an ability is not in the main book was it too over powered? I know The Visitors hated the Imp-possum.
Would a die upgrade / heal ability be too over powered for a minion or lieutenant

It’s hard to hit everything and zombies are typically alt universe stuff in comics.

As for what to use, I’d probably suggest that for each Zombie minion hitting a particular target they get +1 to attack as a swarm type thing. So three zombies hitting one hero would each get +3 to their attack actions. For a LT zombie, maybe something add on an ability that they cause a hinder based off the roll.

A heal/resurrect seems more fitting to give as an ability to the villain and not directly to the minions/LTs. Typically zombies aren’t resurrecting themselves but it’s done by someone else. They don’t seem to heal that I’ve seen in media either. At best they might be satiated had they eaten recently but still keep the damage they have on them.


Yeah, I’m assuming we’ll see this kind of stuff in a future, more magic-focused expansion. :slight_smile:


Based on the traditionally zombie image, I’d say to give them all defensive Abilities, because they’re literally already dead, which should make them pretty tough to destroy.

For Zombies I made them a d8 minion with +1 to damage saves. If you wanted to do a zombie horde that is easily killable, I’d suggest a d6 minion with a special +1 to hinder targets if another zombie is present in the scene (maximum +4)

There are a lot of ways to build out minions in the Bullpen section and a lot of suggestions for unique extras they can have. I’d suggest perusing through that chapter and maybe that’ll stir the creative juices.

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you can also make a zombie horde LT, representing a huge swarm of zombies thats hard to take out because its numbers as a single die, if you so desire.

Lot of ways to go about it depending on what you need or want the zombies to do for you


Alternatively or in addition to @Cult_of_Gloom’s suggested way of using a zombie horde Lieutenant, a zombie Lieutenant could merely represent a single particularly tough zombie, of course.

I suggest giving zombie horde Lieutenants offensive Abilities, though, to make up for the fact that they are only a single die each, however.