Add related icons to emoji list?

@cajunjoel : I was curious if it was possible to add some GTG-related icons to the list of emojis available on the site? Specifically things like the (attached) Sentinel Comics RPG icons? It will facilitate discussions around those topics, if they could be available, but I have no idea if that’s an option or how that could be accomplished. (We already had one where we used a different emoji that worked okay, but it would be much better if we used the real thing. :slight_smile: )

Icon-Attack Icon-Boost Icon-Defend Icon-Hinder Icon-Overcome Recover
d4-colored d6-colored d8-colored d10-colored d12-colored


We could also have (H) and the Spirit Island icons!


Yes, this is all possible. What would help is to have the name for each emoji. For example, I can type :slightly_smiling_face: in my text to make a smiley, which you probably know. So maybe the names can be (surrounded by colons to invoke the emoji)

  • attack
  • boost
  • defend
  • hinder
  • overcome
  • recover
  • d4
  • d6
  • d8
  • d10
  • d12

Or would you prefer other names?


Personal vote is those options sound great. Keep it simple.


How about this?


Those look perfect to me, Joel! :smiley:

Unfortunately, I can’t find an (H) icon of decent quality. :frowning: The only one I found is this one, and it’s not the best. Will it be good enough? :confused:

Does anyone have a better one we could use?

(And if it’s an option, :H: would be perfect. :wink: )

And if :H: isn’t an option for some reason, how about :hero:?

Could we also get some of the Spirit Island icons from this page? There are a lot though, and we probably don’t need all of them. Anyone have any ideas on which ones we should have?

Ooh, they work!

Thanks, @cajunjoel!

I would suggest limiting it to the tokens that can be placed/used. My suggestions below.

Badlands.png\ 25x19](File:Badlands.png - Spirit Island Wiki) {{badlands}}
Beasticon.png\ 23x23 {{beast}}
Blighticon.png\ 20x20 {{blight}}
Dahanicon.png\ 20x18 {{dahan}}
Diseaseicon.png\ 20x19 {{disease}}
Ewater.png\ 26x26 {{element (sun,moon,fire,air, water,earth,plant,animal)}} See Template:element for all examples.
Fearicon.png\ 22x22 {{fear}}
Explorericon.png\ 11x19, Townicon.png\ 20x16, Citiyicon.png\ 20x18 {{invader (explorer,town,city)}}
Presenceicon.png\ 25x14 {{presence}}
Sacredsiteicon.png\ 25x15 {{sacredsite}}

Strifeicon.png\ 18x21 {{strife}}
Wildicon.png\ 25x21 {{wild}}
Isolate.png\ 25x25 {{isolate}}
Defend.png\ 18x18 {{defend}}


Ugh… The SI icons look really bad in Dark mode. :frowning:
(The H icon isn’t much better. :confused:)

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Hadn’t considered that. I’m in light mode. Hmm.

Looks fine to me in dark mode.

I may just prefer more contrast. :wink:
If no one else has issues with them, it’s all good. :+1:t2:

Why limit them to a set?

These are the Greater than Games forums, why not have all of the symbology from their games available, for rule discussion and so on?

For that matter, how about nemesis icons, the Naturalist’s forms, the Harpy’s control tokens, the Ennead’s symbols, and any symbols to be introduced in Definitive Edition?

I think this is our playground and it would be cool to play with all the toys!


You are correct, I realize now that I didn’t properly articulate myself in my post. If I had spent any time thinking about it, I would say “If we’re only going to use a few, I would suggest” yadda yadda yadda…

I completely agree, @Trajector. I just did not know how time-consuming the icon-adding process was, and didn’t want to waste @cajunjoel’s time on frivolous requests. But if he’s up for it, I’m all for it!


That’s fair, I think it would be neat for these forums but I don’t want to pile on to his workload.


Workload-wise, it’s trivial to add or remove emoji. Icons are resized automatically and adding is a drag-drop operation. What would help is to provide them all to me with their filenames as that of the emoji code or name used to search and add it to your content.

For example, the H icon, which is now added, is :h: and the file I uploaded was h.png.

But as the discussion noted, they will all need to be usable in both light mode and dark mode, which means adjusting colors or adding white outlines to those that are black. In Dark Mode the latest are Black on Dark Grey. in WCAG Dark Mode, they are almost invisible with Black on a very Dark Grey. Even the Hero icon becomes a vivid blue on black. Very hard to see.


Also, keep in mind that the names of the GTG-specific emoji/icons may collide with those of the standard emoji set. When that happens, the GTG-specific icon will take precedence.

it might be worthwhile to bring someone from GTG in on this, to get more official files. I do not have access to any of their artwork.


@bailey , any chance you could assist us on getting things like an official H icon with a white border? :smiley:

Yeah, let me see what I can do! I might even be able to do it, if I can find one in the art.