RPG emojis available on forums!

In case anyone doesn’t track posts in the administrative area of the site, we now have emojis available for the RPG! :smiley:

  • :attack: => :attack:
  • :boost: => :boost:
  • :defend: => :defend:
  • :hinder: => :hinder:
  • :overcome: => :overcome:
  • :recover: => :recover:
  • :d4: => :d4:
  • :d6: => :d6:
  • :d8: => :d8:
  • :d10: => :d10:
  • :d12: => :d12:

Let’s start :boost:ing each other! :wink: Enjoy! :partying_face:


Shouldn’t the final list entry be:

*:d12: => :d12:

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:laughing: Thanks! :blush: Fixed. Stupid copy-and-paste error…

That is awesome. But is there a way to get those emojis on the fillable character sheets?

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Welcome to the community, Albavar! :smiley:

Unfortunately, Adobe doesn’t allow images in dropdowns for Acrobat files. :cry: It’s possible to do it with some JavaScripting and other customizations, but no one has had the combination of skills and time to do that, to date.

I usually insert the icon I want manually, which isn’t as convenient but it looks pretty good. The icons are available in a few places, but I have them up here: http://www.luzetski.net/SCRPG/SCRPG_icons.zip. (Link fixed for now. :frowning: )

From a very brief look, the link seems to work only in http (unsecure), so I’d assume ssl isn’t configured properly.

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Thanks! I’ll talk to my host. :unamused: