Deck Analysis Project - Updated Thread

Hero decks analyzed! Here's my blurb explaining some parts of the project that might seem a bit unclear.  


The first section is my attempt at short blurb that summed up the hero/ villain/ environmetn shtick. For heroes, I made comments on how fast I have found each deck to ramp up in terms of game effectiveness. The villains got a short blurb on victory conditions. Then I got into the raw numbers. For starters, I categorized cards them into one-shot, equipment, ongoing, and special (whatever). For what the cards actually did, I split that up into 7 sections - single target dmg, multitarget dmg, support (i.e. damage buff, increased card draws and plays) for self and group, survivability (i.e., damage reduction, healing) for self and group, and general villain and environment hindrance (villain deck manipulation, destroying ongoings, etc.). 

For the deck stats section, I listed each category's count in an x (y) format. X is the number of times a type of card appears in a deck, and y is the total number of cards of each type. For example, Visionary has three types of cards that do multitarget damage - Cerebral Hemorrhage, Psychic Maelstrom, and Demoralization. Because there are 8 total copies of those three cards in her deck, that number gets listed as 3 (8). 

A lot of cards do multiple things - for example, Visionary's Twist the Ether can be played as villain hindrance or a buff for someone in the group. I wanted to list the card once to keep the hero deck counts to 40 and the villain deck counts to 25. So for any card that did multiple things, I simply picked a category for it according to an order of operations that seemed to make sense to me (Hero/ VIllain Manipulation first, since that tends to impact the game the greatest, then Support, the Survivability, and lastly Damage). Therfore, Twist the Ether got listed as villain manipulation and then mentioned in the support section - that's what the bracket means in the deck stats.

For another example, only 3 (5) of Chrono-Ranger's cards do only single target dmg - two equpiment pieces and Terrible Tech-Strike. But he has [+7 (22)] cards that deal dmg and do other things - stuff like Bounty Board, Sudden Contract, or the Dart Thrower. 

I hope the rest is self explanatory. At some point, I'd like to do comparisons that answer odd questions. Like which villains screw with the group the most? Who are the most selfish heroes? (i.e., their decks have nothing that benefits the group - I'm looking at you, Expatriette). 

SotM Card Guide - Heroes A-F_1.pdf (466 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Heroes G-N_1.pdf (472 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Heroes O-S_1.pdf (406 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Heroes T-Z_0.pdf (380 KB)

A quick note -- Writhe's Extract power reveals the bottom card of  a deck, not the top.

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. I also fixed an error in Setback's card count while I was in there. If anyone else finds any errors (of which I'm sure there are more), please let me know.

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I took the chance to reupload and do some small edits. At some point, I'll put a timestamp on these things so you guys know when I've put up a new one. 


When I try to upload the files, sometimes I get blocked with a message that has a whole bunch of babble that I don't understand - something about AJAX, an HTTPS server, or whatever. I can upload the files fine after a try or two, though. I hope this is a known issue among the people in charge of the forum. 

I have sent a PM to cajunjoel pointing him to your post.


Thanks, I really appreciate it.


Project is almost done! I finished my first hero comparison doc, categorizing and comparing powers. I'm looking to put up a doc that looks at raw deck numbers, then a villain comparison, then that's it.

I would love to see this error. If it happens again, can you grab a screenshot and PM me? I’ll give you my email so you can send it over. I know that there is a limit on file sizes (I see one error with you, Popesixtus, trying to upload something larger than 25MB “Random Miscellany” topic, but I suspect something different is happening here.)


Environment decks analyzed! 

SotM Card Guide - Environments A-P_1.pdf (357 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Environments Q-Z_1.pdf (366 KB)

I just took everything down and re-uploaded it (this time with date stamps) to see if I could generate the error again. There were no problems. Hopefully everyone can get these just fine now. Thanks for the prompt attention. 

Villain decks analyzed!

SotM Card Guide - Villains A-C_0.pdf (458 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Villains D-K_0.pdf (457 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Villains L-Z_0.pdf (444 KB)

SotM Card Guide - Vengence Villains_0.pdf (374 KB)

Villain comparisons done, deck project done. I'll make corrections as people notice mistakes, and I'll throw in some more comparisons if people want to suggest some. 

The header on the Villain Comparison says Hero Comparison. Very well done overall

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