Editor’s Note #53

You all missed the fun in discord prior to this recording

Upcoming episodes

  • Tuesday, April 5th: Episode #208: Creative Process: Æternus Connected Hero. (or is it? This gets recorded on April 1st so it could be an elaborate joke)
  • Tuesday, April 12th: Episode #209: Writer’s Room: An Omnitron-X story
  • Tuesday, April 19th: Editor’s Note #54
  • Tuesday, April 26th: Episode #210: Writer’s Room: Neighborhood Watch

Recording schedule

  • Friday, April 1st: Episode #208: Creative Process: Æternus Connected Hero
  • Friday, April 8th: Episode #209: Writer’s Room: An Omnitron-X story
  • Friday, April 15th: Editor’s Note #54
  • Friday, April 22nd: Episode #210: Writer’s Room: Neighborhood Watch
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The pet pictures are indeed fantastic radio, but let’s talk about the A+ opening banter, the boys were on point last Saturday through being completely off point. XD

I cannot imagine Blood Countess starting a sentence with, “Oh, honey,” which is why it’s great.

Hm, did Anthony have his pipes during the Dark Conductor storyline? I suddenly can’t remember anything about it. But I can totally see him trying to play his pipes while possessed by Vogel and inadvertently Pied Pipering all over the place. That’d be cool.

Feels like I didn’t know Thiago was a real person? :open_mouth:

No, Frostbite is awesome, I don’t care what anyone else says, we need people to nominate that issue for a Writer’s Room. :smiley:

Not giving a target HP when it comes out is really good, unless you’re playing with a lot of people on a large table. The HP tokens really help mark how many targets are out to begin with.

Magmarians are bugs, canon.

Ooh, if the nemesis icon on Zhu Long was missing in the images, then maybe the rats will get theirs also. :smiley:


You mean the new Mutated Sewer Rat that didn’t exist in EE? The Rat Beasts (with the nemesis icon) are from the Final Wasteland. But maybe the Mutated ones will too?

I feel like they won’t… wasn’t Plague Rat specifically the one he was sent after? The others may exist, but aren’t the main target.

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Was really bummed I couldn’t make the recording for this one. :sob: Sounds like it was a fun one, though! :grin: I’m glad you all had a good time!

I agree with Adam, vampires are MUCH more interesting than zombies. We need more.

Knowing that Thiago is a real person, I wonder what his and his parent’s reaction was to Muerto.


Re: Thiago being a real kid:

From Editor’s Note 20:

If Thiago is based on a real person, is that a story you’re willing to share? Thiago was a kid they interacted with online (mostly through his dad) and is the basis of the art on “Potential Sidekick” (as part of the Rook City Kickstarter they’d pledged at the level that got him a cameo in the game) - his family came to Gen Con 2012 and they met the guys (Thiago, 8 years old at the time, cosplayed as the “Potential Sidekick” and his little brother came as Absolute_Zero). They’d like to hear from him again if he’s still playing/listening. He was a big Legacy fan so they incorporated that into his game persona. The real Thiago would be ~14 now which makes the guys feel old now that they think about it - Thiago Diaz is in his late teens in one reality and didn’t make it that far in the other.

As for certain other things, a small part of me was sorely tempted to put “Frostbite” in the Letters Page Suggestion thread ahead of time just to see everybody’s confused reaction.

On the livestream, Christopher’s excited little dance the moment he came up with that was hilarious.

And gotta love the Atlantis bit being a master example of Christopher giving a completely direct answer that just generates more questions.

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Trying to decide if it would be inappropriate to post a picture of Thiago (and his brother, dressed as AZ) from Gen Con 2012… :thinking: Doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal (especially since I believe they’re both adults at this point), but I’m not a parent so I don’t have that context… :confused:

I would say yes (not quite appropriate). Not necessary, either.


And this is why I ask! :slight_smile:

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Did I hear that correctly that we will be getting an extra large Villain spinner in the RCR expansion? And 3 more Nemesis tokens? Does anyone have a picture/screencap of this?

What would require 5 Nemesis tokens…? Maybe 3 for Operative, Fixer and Zhu Long and 2 more for another hero and the Chairman Critical Event villain?

Alternatively, it could be 3 for Fixer, Operative and Chairman, 2 for Fanatic and Blood Countess Bathory!

Hmm… can I just copy/paste an image into this forum software? Edit - Yes!


Beautiful, thanks so much!!!

More 1’s!

Strong disagree with Christopher on the HP tokens thing. While I won’t bother putting an HP token on a Sonic Mine, everything that has even 2 HP should get the HP tokens put on it when it comes out. It’s SO much easier to tell who’s high and low HP this way; well worth the effort of counting them out when the target enters play. (Granted this opinion comes from EE, but I doubt that it would change if I played DE.)

On that subject, they said that Magmarians are like bugs in that way, but then they said that you could drink Empyreon, when he’s previously been described as being like a bug in the same way, a solid shell just filled with energy (I didn’t get the impression it was even a liquid, just straight-up energy, akin to Aeon Girl but on a much smaller scale).

In summary: screw Marvel Zombies, I want Sentinel Vampires.

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So I had forgotten about The Master until Nightmist’s Kickstarter update, but now after listening to Dr. B’s letter I wonder if one of the twelve Atlantean Masters is just going around calling themself the Master now.


Probably not, I think this is a case of there being some words that are just overused in the comic book genre.

Finally finished and the more I hear about Vampire World the more I want just a whole Writers Room on it. I too believe Vampires are cooler than Zombies.

Though I could do with less hearing about what the consistency of Guise feels like to a Vampire. Gross.


If you vote for a vampire episode you’ll hear more about Guise’s blood


A scary prospect. Best saved for the next Spooky Month.

Next Spooky Month better include Freedom Five #666, published in October of that year, in the middle of the original Miss Information arc.