Episode 210 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Neighborhood Watch #5

She-Nanigans are here again

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If they keep cutting heroes from DE at the rate they are, we’ll have tons of room for new characters!

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So I’ve totally forgotten about Postal and Guise-Cat, and mostly about Casanova (Xander Groovitation, right?). What’s the main episode for them so I’m not totally lost listening to this?

I just relistened to the third Create-a-Thing, so I’m back up to speed on Pool Shark and Hedgelord.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. This is assuming there ever was an episode about them, which I’m beginning to doubt after that intro where C&A were basically gaslighting us. :thinking::thought_balloon::grey_question::man_shrugging:t2:

Only Casa Nova had been discussed at any length in an episode with this one


I believe they’re primarily discussed in The Guise Book.

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I think they were referring to where those characters were talked about in the podcast.

I know, I probably should have labeled my link better… Hopefully it’s more clear what it leads to now.

I was, but it sounds like there’s little to no info on most characters in the podcast, especially villains. Concealin’ Cary was mentioned in the episode where Pool Shark and Hedgelord were created, but it was still up in the air at that time whether she’d be a hero or villain.

I’m not very likely to get The Guise Book, as I have yet to find an RPG group since moving recently. Been more focused on Definitive Edition when I can convince folks to play.

Wish there could be a Letters Page overview episode for some of these, like they did for Daybreak. I understand wanting to maintain some intrigue to sell a new product, though.


I’m looking forward to the DE Naturalist reveal, because there are SO MANY snoots to boop.

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Oh boy do I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen the Guise Book yet. c.c They need to start doing character episodes whenever a new RPG book comes out.

Pretty sure the song goes “It’s always winter but never Christmas”, thank you very much.

If Pool Shark doesn’t have something that’s a pun on “charcuterie”, I don’t know what I’ll do but it is clearly a missed opporunity!

I am slightly disappointed they aren’t emphasizing the “she” in “She-Nanigans” more. Like, why even have a hyphen then? Sheesh.

I’m somewhat pleased to hear Christopher trying to use Invisibility the way one of my players does, i.e. completely illogically. XD

If they haven’t already, I bet A Perfect Circle would do a great cover of “Ring of Fire”. :slight_smile:

Issue title: “The Color from Out of Tree”

Damn, I wish this setting was in the books, cuz I wanna use it now! Or rather, I want it to have been there from the start of my game. <.< Time for retcons.

Now wondering if Guise Cat is in any way related to Mr. Fixer’s own feral cat.

Funnily, I found myself thinking about how the (non-Guise, non-cat) members of Neighborhood Watch come off like an RPG group all on their own. :slight_smile:

Like, Hedgelord is the player who’s really into comics and comic book RPGs and knows everything about Sentinels. They decided to have some serious fun with this game, and what’s funnier than a guy who’s an edgelord about plants?

Postal is the rolled character. The player’s either new to SCRPG or new to RPGs in general.

Pool Shark is the player who just isn’t that into superheroes but likes playing RPGs with this group, so they went for one part dark and one part silly to try and poke fun at the setting.

And Casa-Nova is that player who always plays the same kind of character no matter what the setting is, has no concern for fitting in with the rest of the group, and is frequently absent from sessions for whatever reason. <.< That’s the one that I feel strongest about, anyway.


I submit the name of the neighborhood be originally something like
“Mitchell’s Reach”
and after this issue, have the more gothic
“Hell’s Reach”


for those who did not pick it up from the episode Postal is a mail carrier that got a rip in her mail bag during the OblivAeon event… a space/time rip.
Multiverse - Transporter for Origin and Archetype you can learn more buy following the links to the PDF

Guise Cat is a Shadow Archetype with a D8 signature weapon- needle sharp claws, and D6 density control because cats are sometimes a lot heavier than you think they will be


You forgot the hyphen in Guise-Cat :grinning:


Guise-Cat’s nemesis should be Wager Mastiff. (I also considered Wager Mouseter but that’s a more strained pun.)


As that fuchsia oaf found out first hand when he first tried to put this stupid mask on me.

Is one of those cosmic goofballs not enough?


I haven’t even begun to listen to the episode yet but that cover kind of terrifies me for some reason.

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A more general Neighborhood Watch episode would be nice, especially with a little more about the characters we haven’t seen as much of and how they interact with each other.

I’d love to have an entire episode just about Hedgelord and Casa-Nova; on the one hand, it clearly annoys Hedgelord that Xander is a flake, but there’s some stuff in the Guise book about how Hedgelord is getting used to the idea of a calmer, gentler world and he actually is finding he likes it. Xander showing him the value of chill, and him showing Xander the value of reliability, would be a neat focus issue.


For someone who has not seen The Guise Book, is Hedgelord depicted in the Shear Force image from Episodes 102 and 116 (March and July 2019)? If so, which character is he?

No he isn’t on that cover. Here’s an image from the Guise book


Cool! I like how they worked Cultivator in there after all.