Episode 269 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: America's Newest Legacy #514 & #515

Guns and laser eyes combine

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I liked Viper/Madame Hydra’s old outfit better. The thigh-high boots are kind of a trashy look for her. :slight_smile:

Month-themed episodes sounds fun, mostly because they can basically just make anything up and if a month has a theme, it’s likely they’d be doing that theme that month anyway!

Oh, they absolutely should be in charge of sports. :smiley: Who do we contact to make that happen? Mr. Sportsman, I would assume?

Love the full circle here of Expat passing on wisdom from Legacy, this was a good prompt.

I guess when you’re a Legacy, everything looks like a nail!

Whaaat, Professor Nathan Gregory is actually Gregory Nolan?! :open_mouth:

The things they get hung up on, lol

oh snap! :open_mouth: a life milestone!

Am I crazy or misremembering, or wasn’t there a story about Blake Washington visiting his dad, who was in a nursing home with severe dementia or something?

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Maybe? You might be getting it mixed up with the Haka story where he visited a former lover who’s now super old.

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AND HE CREATED NIGHT SNAKE?! Wait, of course he didn’t.
I just get really excited every time they even mention him. :smile:

So what are people’s thoughts on getting Antimox in the game? He’d make a good nemesis for Felicia, but that spot has been taken by Iron Legacy for obvious reasons. Team villain maybe?


I feel they show up in some form. However, it seems more like a Biomancer or Zhu Long role where it’s more behind the scenes so I’m not sure what form they take.


Yeah, maybe as a Vengeance Mini-Nemesis.

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My vote is for “Pick a year. Each Writer’s Room each month focuses on a book from the same month in the chosen year.” Let’s get a Year in the Life of Sentinel Comics. 36-40 issues in total, all from one year of publishing.

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Eh, I would be okay if that was just a quick bit at the start, like “X Happened” for 5-10 minutes, but I think trying to do entire episodes like that would get old, really quickly. I’d rather have access to some stripped down version of Christopher’s spreadsheet, and then point to something and say “that, elaborate please.”


My take is that themed months as a general concept is really fun, but those themes specifically being “Writers’ Rooms from these specific years and months” feels like it’d be way too constraining both on types of episodes (No Creative Processes or other non-Writers’ Room eps?) and on what stories could be asked for.

As for the episode itself, I honestly find it funny how normally Sentinel Comics isn’t fussy about secret identities, yet this is very specifically a hero and a villain who don’t know each other’s secret identity and villain identity respectively being each other’s supporting cast. Almost like the fictional writers went all-in on the concept to make up for the mostly lack of it elsewhere.

And the Egyptian Universe episode questions remind me to note: The funny thing about RL Catholic heaven is that it’s pretty much just “being in the presence of God eternally” where that all on its lonesome is considered the “reward”. So it’s just as well Fanatic isn’t a normal Catholic as that would probably be super boring to anyone who’s not Christian.

(Same as how technically Catholic Hell is viewed as “being eternally barred from the presence of God”, and that in and of itself is viewed as the punishment. The Catholic afterlife is essentially super esoteric and Catholic-POV-centric, IOW.)


I am here to reassure you that you are in fact not crazy. (Or at least not crazy on this topic, anyway…)


  • Who was Blake Washington Sr.? Was he aware his son was a hero? Did Marty/Anubis tell him at some point after his death? Hmm… well regardless of whether he’s still alive or not, they don’t think he factored into any stories while Ra was alive. It’s possible that there’d be a post-OblivAeon thing where Marty goes to a really old guy in a nursing home to tell him about his son, but he’s got Alzheimer’s and doesn’t remember having a son (despite continuing to call Mary “Junior”). There’s a potential story there, but they don’t think that Blake Washington Sr. was part of Ra’s story.

I mean… a lot of it was codified by Dante, who was writing political commentary disguised as biblical fanfiction. Many Christians also find that view of Heaven to be… limited. Then again, this is me speaking, and I’m of the view of Terry Pratchett, that Revelation is a mushroom dream that belongs in the apocrypha, but I don’t think I’m going to be smited. Not for that, anyway…

Of course, I would like to see a story where Fanatic chills out a bit, but that’s probably never going to happen. Call it my mother’s influence (my mother the Episcopal priest, that is). I feel like there is a story where Blake, not Ra, wants to do something with Fanatic. Or perhaps, Blake wants to do something with Helena, but that would almost require recreating Helena…

Anyway… love that idea of Blake/Ra conversing with his father’s ghost. Reminds me of one of the middle Dresden Files novels, where Harry has that kind of chat with his father’s spirit.

What’s honestly even more interesting to me is that Hell is more or less the idea of “being cut off from the thing you care about most in the universe” (with the Catholic-centric POV that said thing is “God”), but we also found that too limited.

It’s interesting, we know from one of the episodes that Fanatic is explicitly only attracted to Ra and considers Blake just a nuisance that’s sometimes in the way of her interacting with Ra, but we don’t know how Blake feels about her and Ra’s… thing.


My guess is that we might get Wright University as a new environment, and Antimox will appear in there as a Young Legacy nemesis, like Leviathan in the Maeryian Refuge.

Ooo, maybe there could be something similar to Zhu Long/The True Form in the DE Temple. With Nathan Gregory as a supporter who helps the heroes, but Antimox buries and replaces him when that card comes out.


That kind of thing would be awesome. Or maybe it’s like a Truth/Dare thing where when one comes out, the other is destroyed or buried.

Wright University is definitely a possibility, and it would be a neat one, but I think Antimox falls into the problem that, as far as we are aware, there is no major Antimox event pre-RPG era, due to the storyline getting cut off by OblivAeon. That makes it hard for there to be a “beat Antimox” event.

Expatriette and Young Legacy have always been a great pair to me, and I’m delighted to see them get a neat story against Doctor Toxica. Also, those are glorious covers.

Unrelated: every once in a while, Adam says something that just completely catches me off-guard, and the comment about there not being room for a story about Blake Washington’s family was definitely one of those moments. I can’t think of a major superhero that never had a storyline about their family. I can definitely believe that it’s not something that’s in the scope of what Christopher and Adam have talked about, but he was oddly certain that it just wasn’t stylistically appropriate for any of the 60+ years of Ra’s comics. I wonder why.


They did completely retcon the answer to a question I asked a long time ago, about what the name for the “home” realm was and how it related to the other realms cosmologically.

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They’ve retconned a lot – and that’s fine with me. :slight_smile: For example, next week’s episode is a contradiction to a question that came up in a very early episode, where they said that the Freedom Five never had an alternate line-up. :wink:

To me, it makes sense that it’s bigger than they originally expected as they were building it. There is decades of time to cover there!!! For them to say something didn’t exist is going to be really hard to hold on to as they get deeper and deeper into this lore.

But they didn’t know better at the time, so it really does make sense to me. :smiley: I’m just glad we’re still getting lots of impressive and entertaining stories!!! :partying_face:


Plus, some of these retcons might not be retcons! It’s entirely possible that something like “what is the world in terms of realms” has itself been given different answers at different points by different authors. I’d absolutely believe that some comics authors wrote stories that made it clear Earth was a fairly special, if not totally unique, crossroad realm, and that’s what made it a target, and other authors specifically said that Earth was a Hope-Realm that was not otherwise unique.


As much as I love consistency and things that fit together, I also am not wed to an old idea if a better one comes along, and it’s in a venue where that thing can just be changed without undue resources expended.

C&A are lucky in that nowadays they mostly operate in a podcast and two games that have broad strokes, so they can change a lot of stuff easily if better stuff comes along.

Especially since a lot of the changes are driven by what the fans want to see, and while one shouldn’t let the tail entirely wag the dog, there’s also a certain sense in going with what the fandom responds positively to.


I think the concept of realms is very cool, but I’m starting to get Deja Vu of learning about the Singular Entities. Anyone else feel like those are becoming super similar?

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