Episode 69 of the Letter Page - The Inverted Universe

Where everything is opposite like Up is Fish


Have we seen that art before??? I don’t recognize it. Man, do those characters look awesomely sinister!

Except alt-Wraith. She looks genuinely off-putting. Yikes.

As far as I know it’s new. 

We've seen Legacy and Wealth but this is the first group shot

This particular piece of art has not been seen before though.  I assume by Wealth you are talking about White Wraith?

"I feel sorry for Jack Donovan" are some words I never thought I'd put together. Way to kick your characters when they're down, C&A! I now want a story where he teams up with the Inverted Prime Wardens (who would that be? Seraph and Infinitor, almost definitely, probably not Akash'Bhuta or Stuntman, and that leaves... Voss?) and goes to a planet whose atmosphere is deadly gases, and he whips off his mask and the other heroes are like, "Jack, no!" and he takes a big, deep breath and smiles and we see his face for the first time. D:

But I love how the metaverse story is "There was this Inverse story, and then another one twenty years later, and everyone loved it" and that's kind of what's happening here. I want more stories! :D

I was very pleased to know Citizen Dawn is now more like Professor X than Magneto. :3 I'm sorry they didn't say anything about Deadline (I'm pretty sure I asked a question about him), but the importance of Oblivaeon overshadowing everything else makes sense. I really adore the inverses of the Bloodsworn Coliseum and the Enclave. Polite interdimensional charity wrestlers for the win!

Also, major points to the wizard under the hill for that thing about the teeth pool. XD

I think we saw that art in the OblivAeon unboxing video. I'm pretty sure it's Alternate Luminary's incap art.

That would be nice if it is

I'm pretty sure my good counterpart will like SotM ... Except SotM is a about a team of villains trying to destroy an all powerful benevolent being ...

Ah, this is going too meta.

If my current timeline stuff is right, the last Inverted Universe issue of Disparation happened in October 2012, with the first Freedom Five issue numbers we have associated with the Deadline event were in December 2012. It's hard to peg first appearances given his was in Cosmic Concurrence which I can't solidly place, but I imagine that he just wasn't around for long enough to have made it into the Inverted stories.

Or they might just be saving that for later. Who knows?

In the normal universe, the enemies of the Freedom 5 are the Vengeance V.  So in the InVerse, shouldn't the foes of the Fearsome 5 be like... the Victorious V or something?  Rather than the Founding Five, I mean.

I think that both "good" teams having FV as their initials is intentional.

Did they say what Legacy of Destruction's team was called? I might have missed it. 

Fearsome Five

I love these desperation stories, but they make me a little sad, because I want to see decks and promos for these new heroes and that’s not happening. I could just be a sentinels junkie though.

They keep saying they've told all the stories in the multiverse they want to, but it's not like there's a lack of material for promos!

I was thinking today, and I can't remember if this was gone over in the episode, but when Oblivaeon shows up, does that mean some of the villains turn hero to help out? I could see Legacy of Destruction maybe being okay with everything going away, but the rest of the Fearsome Five might not. And then the timelines cross over and the Freedom Five see them and are just like, oh, it's us, but I guess from a world where they have edgier costumes? Never knowing the truth behind what they see. :D

It's too bad 'Paul Parsons' comes alphabetically before 'Progeny' though...

That got discussed during the episode and it primarily sounded to me that it was the heroes of this universe that helped because none of the characters were developed enough otherwise to have those villains help.  

No, I had the same thought. I now really, really want an INVERSIONS expansion, which has five hero decks for the Founding Five, five Vengeance-style decks for the Fearsome Five, and environments for Negalopolis (or however you want to identify it as different from the other Megalopolis) and Overbrook. 

EDIT Although, wait. We're already going to have a Luminary deck. So four of the Founding Five, and then one other hero. Maybe Invictus (Voss)? Or Citizen Dawn?

I enjoyed this episode quite alot, and I especially loved the InVerse of Ermine. I can see why there was such a fan request for more of this universe in particular. :slight_smile:

If this were to ever happen, I'd think maybe Vengeance mode or a deck that's built somewhat like the Ennead with multiple targets would be a better fit than dividing them up the Fearsome Five into five separate villain decks.

The Founding Five is a different animal, though. From what I can tell Luminary is the only hero deck close enough to fill one of the slots; the rest don't really have a comparable hero deck to just make a Promo for. They would each need a brand new hero deck, but then you run into a similar problem that you'd probably face with making decks for the Fearsome Five: the lack of 'in universe' material. The InVerse does has more to draw off of than any Disparation story. But due to the length of the stories that still may not be enough to go off of for no less than 7 to 11 decks.

This would be awesome.

Ah, they messed up the cities.  In the Alternate Realities episode, they said inverted Rook City was still Rook City, but Rook like in the chess piece, a symbol of protection, and Megalopolis was a Blade Runner-esque layered monstrosity.

I'm not a Patreon Collector or Contributor, but I'm definitely hoping someone asks for episodes about the Inverted Prime Wardens and Dark Watch, and their respective nemeses.  We know about Seraph and Hellion (though not if either one is on their version of the Prime Wardens), but that's it IIRC.