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Hi all!

Several forumgoers have recently expressed interest in reviving the I’m Callin’ You Out! forum thread; I think that’s a great idea! So that’s what this thread is for—but with one change: in this thread, anyone can post a challenge at any time, and anyone can attempt any challenge at any time. (That’s why I decided to start a new thread instead of simply posting in the old one.)

Just to recap the rules: a “challenge” can be any game of Sentinels of the Multiverse. You can specify what decks can or must be used, any setup changes, rules changes, or any victory/defeat condition changes you want. I recommend that you tag your challenge with what version of the game it can be played in: Definitive Edition, Enhanced Edition, or SotM: The Video Game. This isn’t necessary, but again, it’s recommended. Additionally, some challenges might require slightly different rules for different editions.

Also specify what variants, events, and/or critical events are usable. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, assume that any challenge can be attempted with either the villain’s base difficulty or on Advanced mode.

So, go right ahead and post! What challenges can you came up with? And, of course, the secondary function of this thread is for folks who’ve attempted the challenges posted here to tell your war stories, whether they be of victory or defeat!

Feel free to use the below template for posting your challenges, although it is of course not required in any way. : )

Challenge Format Template

[Challenge Name]

[Tell us something about your challenge!]

Editions: [Enhanced Edition, Definitive Edition, and/or Video Game]

Components Required: [Any Hero, Villain, or Environment decks needed to play the challenge. In addition, list any Hero or Villain variants, or Villain events or Critical Events needed. If no particular components are required, list “None.”]


  • Villain[s]: [If a specific Villain or Villains is required for the challenge, list them here. If not, list “Any.”]
  • Environment: [If a specific Environment is required for the challenge, list it here. If not, list “Any.”]
  • Heroes: [If a specific Hero or Heroes is required for the challenge, list them here. If not, list “Any.”]
  • Setup Changes: [Any changes to how any of the Heroes, Villains, or Environment are set up. If there are no such changes, delete this entry.]

Rules Changes

[List any changes to how any of the rules of the game are played. These can be broad changes to general, game-wide rules, or more focused changes to specific decks or cards. If there are no rule changes, delete this entry.]

[Victory and/or Defeat] Condition[s]

[List any new condition for victory or defeat, or any modifications to existing conditions. If there are no such changes, delete this entry.]

I’ll start by posting the first challenge.

Baron Blade’s Castle in the Sky

The mad Baron’s ingeniously-crafted flying fortress provides complete cover for him and all of his minions and devices. If the heroes are to prevent him from carrying out his fiendish plot, they’ll need to find a way inside.

Editions: Enhanced Edition

Components Required: Baron Blade, Mobile Defense Platform


  • Villain: Base Baron Blade
  • Environment: Any
  • Heroes: Any
  • Setup Changes: When searching the Villain deck while performing the Villain setup, search for all 3 copies of the card Mobile Defense Platform and put them into play.

Rules Changes

Replace the text of Baron Blade’s Mobile Defense Platform card with the following: “All Villain targets other than Mobile Defense Platforms are immune to damage.”

When a Mobile Defense Platform card is destroyed, remove it from the game.

When no Mobile Defense Platform cards remain in play, remove the Environment deck and all Environment cards from the game. Place the Mobile Defense Platform Environment deck in the Environment play area; it is now the game’s environment. Search that deck for the 3 Level cards. Choose 1 to put into play. Shuffle the other 2 back into the Environment deck.

All of BB’s devices and minions are on his MDP, so why shouldn’t they also be protected by it? Plus, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if the fight started in some other environment and then moved up to the MDP environ? Also, I thought that it would be neat for the heroes to be able to choose which level of the MDP they arrived on when they infiltrate it.

The only reason that this can’t be played in DE is because that edition doesn’t have the MDP environment yet. Once it does get released, though, there’s the possibility that I’ll come back to this to update it to accommodate that.


Can someone with a better memory of the podcast point me to the episode where Adam and Christopher build a prototype event with Baron Blade that has stages in Megalopolis and Ruins of Atlantis? I will build that event, if no one else does…

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Perfect. Thanks. Will work on making more elaborate scenarios based on a couple stories…

The one where you could use Infrared Eyepieces to find out which platform Blade was on? That did sound very cool.

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Not quite that, but the idea of using the environment to represent a chase, or possibly switching environments. But need to do some research, when I have time.

In the meantime, continuing with core set villains, here’s a challenge for Omnitron.

The Adaptive Anarchy of Omnitron

The villainous artificial intellect known as Omnitron has developed high-tech armour-plating that can hastily adapt to thwart any method of attack, and it has now installed that armour programming on all of its drones as well! But if the heroes manage to disable Omnitron’s armour code, they’ll be able to deliver a nasty shock to the robotic menace!

Editions: Enhanced Edition, Definitive Edition


  • Villain: Omnitron
  • Setup Changes: After all other Villain setup, Summon* 1 Adaptive Plating Subroutine card from the Villain deck.

Rules Changes

Omnitron’s Adaptive Plating Subroutine cards cannot be destroyed, unless the player causing the destruction effect first discards 1 card. After an Adaptive Plating Subroutine card is destroyed, Omnitron deals itself 3 fixed* lightning damage.

Replace the text of Omnitron’s Adaptive Plating Subroutine cards with the following:

After any Villain target is dealt damage, all Villain targets becomes immune to that type of damage. Whenever any Villain target is dealt a different type of damage, the damage immunity changes to that type.

I only realised after writing this up that both this and my Blade challenge basically amounted to extending the villain’s main defence to all of their targets. Oops. : P

Eh, c’est la vie. I really struggled on how to make the plating cards more durable before deciding on the discard option. I considered requiring a certain amount of damage be dealt to Omnitron on that turn before they could be destroyed, but then I realised that lots of heroes’ ongoing-destruction effects happened during the Play Phase, before the hero could deal much—or any—damage.

I also considered having the player reveal one or two cards from the top of Omni’s deck whenever they attempted to destroy it, and then having the destruction be foiled unless you revealed an ongoing or component. But then that could make the player’s action feel like it was wasted, and that’s never a good thing to do.

I also thought about making it so that dealing some amount of damage and then succeeding on the card-reveal-gamble would destroy a plating without any hero even needing to use an ongoing-destruction effect. But that actually makes the cards easier to destroy, which is the opposite of what I was aiming for.

*This is a term from the Definitive Edition. If you’re an Enhanced Edition player, see below for an explanation from the DE rulebook:

Definitive Edition Terms

Summon: Search for the indicated card(s). You may search the associated trash and deck for the indicated amount of the indicated card/card-type. Play the card(s) found. If you searched a deck, shuffle that deck.

Fixed: Damage can be fixed, meaning it cannot be increased, reduced, or redirected. Additionally, fixed damage cannot have its type changed, such as from melee to fire, or psychic to toxic. If a target is immune to damage, or if an effect prevents damage to a target entirely, fixed damage can not be dealt to that target.

I know that it’s been a long while since anything’s been posted in this thread, but I got the idea for this challenge yesterday I wanted to share it with y’all.

Space Battles

In one disparate timeline of the Multiverse, after a strange alien device arrived in the domain of the Citizens of the Sun on Insula Primalis and appeared to both observe and empower them, Citizen Dawn ordered her more technologically capable Citizens (Citizens Nuts and Bolts, and Citizens Gear and Head) to analyse the otherworldly machine. Dawn hoped to expand her Citizens’ power beyond just the confines of Earth. The Citizens successfully managed to use the alien technology to create a working starship, and so Dawn led her Citizens to the stars.

They eventually found the planet of Dok’Thorath, a war-torn world that had devolved into chaos after its leader, Grand Warlord Voss, had vanished. Dawn found that the Thorathian military exalted those with powers, just as she did, and so a likely alliance was formed.

However, the robotic hero Omnitron-X had picked up Dawn’s departure from Earth on its sensors, and fearing that ill would come of it, went to seek the aid of Expatriette, Dawn’s daughter and nemesis. Expatriette agreed to help the situation, and suggested that, to pursue Dawn’s starship, they should seek out the Scholar, who could use his alchemical magicks to create a portal betwixt Dok’Thorath and Earth. They found the Scholar and he agreed to help. And so these heroes, joined by Stuntman, who they happened to run into on the way, journeyed to the distant world of Dok’Thorath to stop the insidious tyranny of Citizen Dawn.

Editions: This challenge uses some components that are, at present, only available in the Enhanced Edition of the game. However, once they become available for the Definitive Edition, one should have little trouble playing it with that version of the game.


  • Villain: Citizen Dawn (Base or Advanced)
  • Environment: Dok’Thorath Capital
  • Heroes:
    • 1st Hero: Expatriette
    • 2nd Hero: Omnitron-X
    • 3rd Hero: The Scholar
    • 4th Hero: Stuntman
  • Setup Changes:
    • Before performing the Villain setup, search the Villain deck for the 2 Devastating Aurora cards. Place them under Citizen Dawn’s Villain character card.
    • Summon* the Authority Ziggurat and Rebel Headquarters cards from the Environment deck.

Rules Changes

After an Authority Ziggurat or Rebel Headquarters card is destroyed, shuffle it back into the Environment deck.

After a Devastating Aurora card is played, return it to under Citizen Dawn’s character card.

While the Authority Ziggurat card is in play, the following rules apply:

  • The Authority Ziggurat card and Thorathian cards cannot be destroyed by Villain cards.
  • Orbital Bombardment cards are Indestructible targets with 10 HP and have -1 damage dealt to them.
  • When an Orbital Bombardment Card is reduced to 0 HP, move it into the Environment Trash.
  • Replace the text of Orbital Bombardment cards with the following:

At the Start of the Environment turn, deal 4 energy damage to each Hero target and each non-Thorathian Environment target. Then, move this card to the Environment trash and play 1 Devastating Aurora card from under the Villain character card.

*This is a term from the Definitive Edition. If you’re an Enhanced Edition player, see below for an explanation from the DE rulebook:

Definitive Edition Terms

Summon: Search for the indicated card(s). You may search the associated trash and deck for the indicated amount of the indicated card/card-type. Play the card(s) found. If you searched a deck, shuffle that deck.


So, this challenge is essentially a riff on Star Wars. Dawn and Expat are the main villain and hero to mirror the parent-child relationship of Darth Vader and Luke. Omnitron-X stands in for the droids, 3PO and R2. The Scholar is the wise mentor, akin to Obi-Wan / Ben Kenobi. And Stuntman is the dashing scoundrel, just like Han Solo.

(And once all of the necessary components are released for this challenge to be played with the Definitive Edition, you can use Alpha as a 5th Hero to stand in for Chewie, as a bug hairy brawler. Oh, and I couldn’t really think of anyone to match Leia. Heroic Luminary was my best choice, but that’s a stretch.)

And of course, I chose Dok’Thorath for the Environment as it has that nice rebels-vs.-regime thing going on for it, and it’s an alien planet to boot.

As for my rule changes, they made the Authority Ziggurat and Rebel Headquarters more prominent, as I wanted to align the Thorathians with the Citizens and the rebels with the Heroes more. They also make Orbital Bombardments Indestructible targets, which means that they can’t just be destroyed by “destroy an Environment card” effects and instead have to be damaged down. And I made it so that Devastating Auroras aren’t played by the Villain deck, but are rather played when an Orbital Bombardment goes off, giving all the more incentive to deal with them.

Also, once all of the necessary components are released for this challenge to be played with the Definitive Edition, you could certainly play it with Citizen Dawn’s Wayward Sun Event, as that would fit with the story of it.

Global Invasion!

The conquering alien warlord known as Rainek Kel’Voss has begun a full-scale invasion of the planet Earth! His Gene-Bound Armada is focusing its efforts on three key locations: the Wagner Mars Base, Earth’s furthest space outpost; Megalopolis, the most important city in America; and Freedom Tower, the Megalopolis base of the hero team the Freedom Five. If the heroes of Earth are to defend their homeworld, they’ll have to face a battle on three fronts!

Editions: Enhanced Edition, Definitive Edition


  • Villain: Grand Warlord Voss — For increased difficulty, you may play with his Advanced rules or the Invasion of Earth Event.
  • Environment: Shuffle and set up the Wagner Mars Base, Megalopolis, and Freedom Tower decks as three different Environments.

Rules Changes

The Environments

There are three different Environments in this game — each of which has its own number:

  1. Wagner Mars Base
  2. Megalopolis
  3. Freedom Tower

On each Environment turn, resolve the Start Phase, Play Phase, and End Phase of each Environment simultaneously in ascending numerical order.

Environment Turn Phase Order
  • Start Phases
  1. Wagner Mars Base Start Phase
  2. Megalopolis Start Phase
  3. Freedom Tower Start Phase
  • Play Phases
  1. Wagner Mars Base Play Phase
  2. Megalopolis Play Phase
  3. Freedom Tower Play Phase
  • End Phases
  1. Wagner Mars Base End Phase
  2. Megalopolis End Phase
  3. Freedom Tower End Phase

Environment cards cannot affect different Environment decks or Environment cards associated with different Environment decks.

All targets in play are within one of the three Environments. Targets cannot deal damage to targets that are not within the same Environment. In addition, targets that are not within the same Environment as a target that is dealing damage are not considered when selecting the recepient(s) of that target’s damage.

When an Environment target is played, it is played within its own associated Environment.

The Heroes

After the Villain is set up (see below), each player may choose which Environment their Hero starts within, although no more than 1 Hero may start within the Wagner Mars Base, and no more than 2 Heroes may start within Megalopolis or Freedom Tower.

Whenever a Hero would play a card, draw a card, or use a power, that Hero may instead move to within an Environment whose number is 1 lower or 1 higher than the Environment that they are currently within.

Whenever a Hero moves from within one Environment to within another, all targets in that Hero’s play area move with them.

The Villain

The Grand Warlord Voss Villain character card begins the game within the Wagner Mars Base Environment.

Whenever a Villain target is played (including during set-up), play it within the Environment that has the fewest Villain targets within it already. In the case of a tie, play the target within the tied Environment with the most Heroes within it. If there is still a further tie, play the target within the lowest-numbered tied Environment.

During the Villain Start Phase, move the Grand Warlord Voss Villain character card to within the Environment that has the most Heroes within it.


If desired, you may expand the rules and state that cards cannot affect other cards in different Environments in any way, rather then just being unable to deal them damage. Personally, though, I think that this challenge already messes with the game engine plenty.

Additionally, you can use Spiff’s old OblivAeon standees to show the locations of the heroes.

Further, you could try swapping out Voss and the Environments with different decks, although that might not work out too well, as then the Heroes might simply be able to ignore the Villain’s minions, which they can’t do with Voss because of his damage reduction and loss condition.

If you want a team of suggested Heroes, I’d say Legacy, Tempest, NightMist, and the Argent Adept are good choices based on their importance to the Invasion of Earth event.

Here’s a relatively simple challenge with few changes.

Fiery Fowl

The Matriarch has felt the pull of the immense power that resides within the underground realm of Magmaria. She has now journeyed there, and begun to siphon off the energy from the native Magmarians! Can the heroes stop her and save the subterranean dwellers?

Editions: Enhanced Edition, Definitive Edition


  • Villain: The Matriarch (Base or Advanced)
  • Environment: Magmaria

Rules Changes

Add the following text to both sides of the Matriarch’s Villain character card:

After a non-target Villain card is played, play the top card of the Environment deck.

After an Environment card is destroyed by a Villain card, the Matriarch regains :h:-1 HP.

End Phase
The Matriarch deals all non-Villain targets 2 irreducible fire damage each.