Flamethrower49's Strategy

New additions, and new intro!  This is where all of the disparate bits of strategy advice that myself and others have composed come to live. 

I intend to publish a guide on every hero.  We'll see if I'm up to the villains after that.  Let me know if you see any issues, or if you'd like me to add anything, or if you have any general thoughts.  If you have a bit of strategy you would like to see linked here, let me know, and I can add it.


By Flamethrower49



A Hero's Guide to Absolute Zero

A Hero's Guide to the Argent Adept

A Hero's Guide to Bunker

A Hero's Guide to Expatriette

A Hero's Guide to Haka

A Hero's Guide to Legacy

A Hero's Guide to Mr. Fixer

A Hero's Guide to Nightmist

A Hero's Guide to Ra

A Hero's Guide to Tachyon

A Hero's Guide to Tempest

A Hero's Guide to Unity

A Hero's Guide to Visionary 

A Hero's Guide to Wraith



How to Beat the (Advanced!) Chairman

How to Beat (Advanced!) Citizen Dawn

How to Beat (Advanced) Spite


Guides by awp832

Fanatic Guide

The Matriarch


By Pydro

A Look At Bunker


By Drakossozh

Mr. Fixer: DIY


By ewokalypse

The Total Amateur's Guide to the Scholar


By burningneuron

Complete Noob's guide to Chrono-Ranger


By PlatinumWarlock

The Warlock's Guide: Omnitron-X!


By Kharnel

Advanced Mode Analysis


By Pinecone3

The Community Guide to K.N.Y.F.E.

The Community Guide to Parse

The Community Guide to Setback

The Community Guide to The Naturalist

The Community Guide to The Sentinels


By ChronoRanger_101

Environment Survival Guides


By Powerhound_2000

A Hero's Guide to Guise or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

A Gryo’s Guide to Luminary


By dyeung87

dyeung87's Guide to Doctor Medico (The Doctor Is In!)

dyeung87's Guide to The Idealist (Thinking of you, and how to crush you!)

dyeung87's Guide to The Harpy (Master of Spells and the Skies)


By Dandolo

Dandolo's Guide to La Comodora

Dandolo's Guide to Lifeline

Dandolo's Guide to Akash'Thriya - Planting the Seeds of Victory

Dandolo's Guide to Void Guard Mainstay


By robertmaxfreeman

Desperate Genius (Robertmaxfreeman's Guide to Writhe)


By The Burning Stickman

A Hero's Guide to Sky-Scraper


By Victim

Skyscraper Guide


By Kingofsouls

A hero's guide - Captain Cosmic


By Foote

Footenotes: Benchmark Deck Guide - Or - How do you fly this thing?


Thanks for reading!

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This topic is now stickied! Enjoy!

Oh, what fun.  Thank you!

Flamethrower's made it to the big time now.  Grats. :)

Wraith has been added to the list. 

These guides are a great idea and you have done some excellent work writing them up.  Looking forward to your futher instalments!  I am interested to see your take on Fanatic and one of my sons cannot get enough of Bunker so he will be reading with interest any hints he can on how to play him best :)



Great guides all around! You not only explain what makes each hero tick in clear language, but you really seem to understand what makes each hero fun to play.

I second the request for a Fanatic guide next. I tend to play her quite a lot, but likely haven't found all the uses and combos that her varied deck has to offer.

Wonderful resource, Flamethrower49. Thanks for your effort, insight, and getting this stickied.

I added awp832's guides to my growing compendium.  People that want a Fanatic guide are probably much better off listening to him than to me - she is an Avatar of Death in his hands.  I'll still probably do a guide for her in my own way, so I can claim the complete set, but I still need to work on five more heroes in the meantime.  You can benefit from his information today!

And as long as I was reposting his guides without permission, (he'll probably be okay with it...) I thought I would point people to his excellent Matriarch guide. 

My guide to defeating villains has begun construction, starting with Spite.

Remember there was a thread where Christopher shared his strategy of Fanatic? Would be great to have that in this list as well.

This is awesome. I've actually been wanting to do something like this for a while, but in video format.

Expatriette has been added to the list.  Happy hunting!

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hey flame, if you want to duplicate your guides on the wiki we're building, we can set up individual pages for each there? Don't know if you want to or not, might be more work than its worth :P

That comment, and the thread that led up to it, can be found here.

Bunker has been added to the list.

Hey i noticed a link in your bunker post to kickstarter - given that those links may not be around as long as this sticky thread might (and Is that possibly a Baker only post too?) If you would like why dont you link to the wiki instead?



Your guides have been great so far. Made me rethink some Heroes that were hard to understand at first.

Is it possible to update your other guides to include the other Promo heroes too. Like for your older guides - Tempest, Vissionary, Tachyon,etc ( since I notice you were using the Bunker and AZ promos I assume you also have tried the others).