Flamethrower49's Strategy

Visionary has already been updated to include Dark Visionary.  I'm getting around to the others.  All in good time.  I have to update a bunch of nemesis information as well.

Edit: I'll see about linking to the Wiki.  If people are interested in strategy guides, they're probably interested in the Wiki too.  Kickstarters don't seem to vanish, and my others are linked to BoardGameGeek already - also a valuable resource for gamers.  I should probably pick one and go with it.

Flame thanks
Did not notice that, since I last read Vissionary's guide last week.

makes sense! Pick the best you you feel is right and go for it! :wink:



Your guides are excellent, but as a beginner in the interest of fairness, I need to wait until you post the guides to the missing heroes Mister Fixer, Argent Adept, Unity, and Fanatic (the hero that whose story I like the most (have yet to play the game, researched it, should be getting a set of all in about a week)).


From behind the curtiain...: Never mind that guy above, you do a teriffic job, and as a lurker on the boards for a bit, I can thank you for all of your contributions.



Slowly but surely, man.  Slowly but surely.  Though for Fanatic, awp's advice is the way to go.

No worries man, I'll have to check out awp's guide.  For some reason I missed it before.  Thanks again for all your contributions.

Argent Adept hadn't been added to this list.  He is now.

Chairman is up now.  Thanks for 3000 views, everybody!

These are great.  Thanks!

The links to Wraith, Expatriette, Citizen Dawn, and Spite were kinda broken.  I blame nemesis tomfoolery.  Next up, updating more of the heroes for their new incarnations.

Flame great guides. Especially helpful at learning tricks and tips about Heroes I do not know before.


Seeing as there is constant talk about Mr. Fixer would it be possible for you to have that as your next one. I for one am still trying to figure out how to use his cards properly. Like only recently learning how he could be effective against Plague Rat's infection.

He's good against Apostate too, using Alternating Tiger Claw to rip through any soak on the relics (lol Runes of Malediction :D). And being able to one-shot some stuff with a Tyre Iron and a few damage buffs - good agsint Citizens and Voss's Minions :).

Unity has been added to the list. 

@Flamethrower49 I really enjoy your guides and have found them quite handy, both for my own use and for pointing fellow players towards when they tried a hero that didn't really "click" for them. For the fans at home, can you say what guide(s) you have in the pipeline? There's all the new Shattered Timeline content, and with the Mister Fixer debates, a guide on him has been hotly anticipated...

Well, I'm done with my graduate school application, so I can finally think about other things.  My drive to complete the series, if evolving strategy can ever truly be completed, is strong.  I do have a couple of guides in the works.  I don't like talking about what's next, though, as it kinda changes according to my whims.  There's only five heroes to do, though, so it'll be one of them!

Flamethrower, I have a question. Would you be, ah, amenable to other people *cough*me*cough* er, submitting guides they've written? D:

I shouldn't speak for him, but we do have guides by awp832 linked above, so he'll probably say yes

Post away!  I'll add them to the list.

Ah, by post away you mean... post it here? Or should I send it over to you via PM or something? My exams just finished, so I actually do have some time on my hands to get around writing.

Post it on the Gameplay forum, and I'll add it to this list.  (And probably change the name of the list…)

As much as I might like to, one simply can't have a monopoly on strategy advice.  The more the merrier, here!     :slightly_smiling_face: