Forge of the Multiverse! SOTM card creation software


Hi. Not sure this is the correct forum but Ax0r at BGG suggested I post on this forum in relation to the Villain contest.

I've been working on some software, Forge of the Multiverse (FOTM), which is available at v0.1 and should be suitable for creating Hero and Villain decks. I'm working on other templates for v1.0 but dunno when I'll get them finished.

It's a java application packaged as an exe file and app for OS X. You need java 1.6 installed and you'll need to install the fonts in the fonts folder to work correctly (I'm working on loading these from files).

You can get it here for now but I'll upload to source forge or something later:

Here is an example of the output from the app. I used BakaMatt's Knock Out Gas card which was designed for the competition. Knocked it together in about a minute!

![Knock out gas](upload://iSRXNfXzCZ04aTsDATJyCrKfeKH.jpeg)

I've included the link to the original post but I would appreciate people trying it out, providing feedback and I'm happy to take feature requests. I've also included a couple of screenshots but the layout and fields may change over time.

Thanks for sharing. I haven't got the energy to try to make my villain ideas into actual cards, but if I did, I'd give this software a shot.

Downloaded, still a little too busy to play with it… I'm working on a homebrew game that is sucking up my photoshop hours.


That said I really want to do a series of alternate heroes and villains, since that is easier than whole decks. :wink:

I'll probably take a look at this as well. If I could get my templates to work with this program then it'd be awesome. I've already spent a long time making my templates, but haven't been able to put them into a program that's easily accessible.

As long as they are roughly the same size you should be able to just swap the images out to work with your templates.

Right! Spent loads of time re-writing bits of this and extending it in response to comments!

version 0.2 is now available on github (proper software management tools!) in the downloads section.

New features:
- Hero/Villain Deck templates
- Deck creation
- Deck saving
- Deck loading
- Deck export (individual cards)
- Individual card export

Features planned for v0.3
- Environment deck mode
- Environment card template
- Villain gameplay card template
- Export deck to PDF/9 per sheet PNG/JPG

Willing to accept other requests too.

As always, feedback welcome. I've included some new screen shots of the new version.




Nice... quick question... would it be possible to implement support for long names? For example I was playfully doing a card for Junkyard Bunker and well I could not find a way to make the text smaller or add a line.

I was thinking of a text size option actually and increasing the sizes of some boxes. I figured I should probably try to use it myself since I spent so much time on it and I've come across a few annoying things I'd like to sort and I'll add text sizing to the list!

It's still pretty early on for it as a tool really though so I'm looking to make it better over time. Thanks for the feedback!

Actually, just come across and issue and uploaded v0.3. Any issues other issues, let me know.


Bug fix version to fix pretty fundamental issue with load. Saving a deck saved the card text but didn't load them correctly. This will open files created in v0.2 and restore the card text provided you haven't saved over it.

I've just tried launching this on my Win7 box and am struggling to understand how to use it. I don't see anything that allows one to change the image for a card in any way.


Belay that – just found the 'Edit Card' choice …

When editing a villain card, the label in the right-hand side panel uses 'Hero' instead of 'Villain'

It's not yet clear to me how to create a 'text' card for the villain character.

Setting the color for the font (and maybe the font itself?!)  for the name of a villain would be useful.

For a villain target, I can't seem to get double-digit numbers to fit.

Thanks for all the feedback! Really helpful!

Double digit works fine for me when I've got the Comic Book font installed (you could try installing the fonts in the zip file to match the style of official cards better) but I like your suggestion of font changing so I'll have a shot at implementing it which would solve the problem of font size quite well and allow you to change the color.

The text card for villains is on of the templates that is missing at the moment. I need to do that template and the environment card template.

Everything is currently accessed via the menus but I think you've got a point. I might put in a right click menu in the table as thats probably a bit more intuative. 

I'll see if I can get 0.4 out by the end of week with these changes in.


V0.4 available now.

Bug Fixes:

  • Villain Character Card correctly labelled from Hero to Villain
  • Hero Front card has repositioned name to allow more portrait space
  • File changer doesn't get stuck in directory mode
  • Hero back doesn't lose underlay colour when saving if colour has not changed


  • User selectable font and colour for text in all templates
  • Deck export can now export to 9 per page sheets including card backs
  • Export deck to txt file (suitable for forum posting!)

Not ignoring this -- my time has just been hijacked by an ongoing urgent situation at work since Thu night ...

Am I missing where you can change the portrait image on a hero card?

i see where you can do this on other cards, but not on the Hero Card front.

I was playing around this morning and was not able to figure it out either, maybe it was ommited?