Guess Who's Back? (It's Paul - AMA)

Hello everyone here on the GTG forum! It has been many years since I posted on a regular basis, but I’m back. It has come to my attention that this forum and community could benefit from some more interaction with GTG leadership, and I finally have the time once again to devote to such a pursuit! I have two comments of note:

  1. Please be kind to each other and strive to put the best construction on everything. Internet communication is challenging, and not everyone has the neurotypical skills necessary to accurately infer tone from written communication.

  2. As part of coming back to the forum, I thought I’d do a quick AMA (Ask Me Anything) style post! I’ll periodically check the forum throughout the day and answer most of the questions anyone posts!

It is good to see you all again!


Hi Paul,

How’s everyone feeling over there? Hoping everyone is recovering from the recent COVID outbreak.


Hi Paul! How are you liking having a beard? I’m not sure I would have recognized you in the street!

Hi Paul!
Have you played any of the new Spirits from Horizons of Spirit Island or Nature Incarnate? Which is your favourite?

Now that you’ve had two Backerkit campaigns, do you think you’ll go back to Kickstarter in the future or stick with using solely Backerkit? What has improved the most on Backerkit from the two campaigns you’ve done?

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I’m still learning how this forum software works! Fascinating!

Most of us are back to 100%, and no one is testing positive any longer! We still have a few people working on recovering, but I’m hoping that everyone gets all the way back soon.

I enjoy it quite a lot! My kids convinced me to give it a go about a year ago and I’m now planning to keep it for a while.

Unfortunately I haven’t played any of the new spirits enough to generate a strong opinion. My feelings about them are still very colored by some of the playtesting versions.

We intend to stick with BackerKit for the forseeable future for crowdfunding. It has been great! The biggest improvements are 1) the ability to do more targeting marketing and announcements for campaigns, and 2) the more seamless integration with the pledge manager.


In the same vein as fjur’s question, do you have any notable favorite heroes, villains, or environments in Definitive Edition that you enjoy playing?

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Hi Paul!

Glad to hear folks are doing better and feeling good!

I have a random question off the top of my head:

How has shipping improved/gotten worse compared to the cavalcade of issues over the last two years? Do you think the system has gotten more resilent to failure, or have things stayed about the same?


Hi Paul! Awesome seeing you here!

Can we look forward to you showing up on the Letters Page anytime soon?


When did you change the logo for the forums in the top left hand corner? And in general is that the new logo for GtG?

Hello! Any news on a German version of Horizons/Sentinels DE/SCRPG? Thanks!

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Hello, Paul! I hope everything is going well by you. :slight_smile:

I am not going to ask a question because the only one that came to mind is “How do you be so short?” and I am not certain you would get the reference well enough to not take it as some sort of insult! I don’t even know that you are short!

Are you guys still intending to attend uk games expo and will you be needing citizens this year?

Hi Paul!

Do you (GTG) have any plans to attend any cons in Canada in the foreseeable future?

Hi, Paul, welcome sort-of-back!

How’s your first year with Flat River been? Any unexpected benefits or challenges? How much of the logistics has been offloaded to them as opposed to you handling it from your warehouse yourselves like you used to?


Howdy Paul! Welcome back to the forums.

What’s your favorite thing that has happened so far this year?

Time for the serious questions, Paul. When are we getting a new In Office SC:RPG campaign stream?


Not really! Like Christopher, I don’t really have favorites. However, I really love how the new Definitive Edition heroes turned out!!

It has actually gotten notably better! Prices for trans-Pacific routes have gone down significantly, and the timelines are much more predictable. Prices for parcel shipping continue to go up, but at a slower rate than they did about a year ago - things certainly appear to be stabilizing!


There are no specific plans to that effect, but you never know! Now that Christopher and I are doing our own monthly podcast, that soaks up a lot of my available podcasting time.


This morning! And yes, it is! It has actually been our logo for several years (I believe shortly prior to the pandemic), but I figured the time had come to make the forum have correct branding :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing on SMDE, but yes on SCRPG!! Ulysses Spiel began working on a German version over the winter, and we’re very excited for it to come out! We don’t have any specific timelines, however.


I do not understand the reference, but hi!! :grinning:

Unfortunately a corporate-level decision was made to not have us attend UKGE this year. We are very disappointed - hopefully we’ll be back someday because we love that show and think it is quite valuable.

Not currently unfortunately.


There have been a ton of changes, but definitely the biggest is logistics - a ton of stuff has moved out of our warehouse to Michigan (though not crowdfunding fulfillment - that’s still in STL).


I was able to host and cook for 32 people for Passover! It was awesome.


We don’t have any specific plans, but we would like to do it. The challenge is the amount of time it takes to get something like that together and to produce it - it is a lot!


Whereabouts in Michigan?

Hi Paul!

SCRPG is a brilliant game, we’re enjoying it tons, and it’s been a few years now since the core rulebook came out. When will we be getting some meaty expansions that provide detail on things like: the state of the world post-OblivAeon, how magic works in the setting, what are some known alien races, what sort of technology is available in SCRPG Earth etc.?

Pretty please? :pleading_face: