Hero Personalities

The GFBR podcast that has given us so much information had a great segment about the heroes’ personalities that really got me thinking about what some of them were like. Chris actually had my exact same feelings towards Tachyon’s personality, and it’s the main reason I think she’s my favorite character: she’s just so confident and has a sense of humor about being a hero. I love the HP tracker art, because it really sums her up for me: she just does what she wants and still gets the job done, and doesn’t always take things seriously. I love her flavor texts, because they really show off how she feels when she’s moving fast and such.

I also really like Bunker, mainly because you can tell that he’s trying to be professional, but really just wants to shout “I’m in a giant robot suit and having a great time!”

I’m sorry if this sounds like a strange intro, but I have no idea how to really start this discussion, but I guess my main point is wondering how everyone else interprets the personalities of the different heroes. Any thoughts?

A podcast discussing the character’s personalities? I can use that. Where can I find it?


Righ’ cheea.

Sweeeeeeet thankyousomuch!


I try and imagine what they would be like/doing should they all be gathered in a non crime fighting setting. Lets say all these heroes get invited to Young Legacy’s Hawaii themed birthday party.

Fanatic I see standing ramrod straight in the corner in full armor holding her decorative party cup complete with umbrella as though its the handle of Absolution. Not saying much but straight face and flashing eyes just screaming condemnations on the frivolous party hat worn by Bunker, dressed in a festive Hawaiian shirt and very comfortable and casual. He left his suit parked outside. He chats amiably with everyone and happily compliments Haka on dressing so festively for the occasion.

Haka I see being a little confused by Bunker’s comments as he’s in the same outfit he wears every day. He sits awkwardly, taking up most of the couch, knees practically to his chin, wondering if he’s supposed to understand anything Tachyon is saying to him as she socially flits around the room conversing with Haka on the couch, Legacy and Ra by the kitchen counter as well as The Visionary and The Wraith standing by the fireplace hearth all at the same time.

Legacy is of course the perfect host. He’s like a happy smiling uncle, so glad to see all his family together as he gets his daughter’s cake ready. He pulls out the matches but not before Ra’s eyes blaze, he calls down the power’s of ancient Egypt, points a finger and all the candles burst into flame. Half melting the candles and the icing in the process. The Visionary simply shakes her head. She saw that coming. She tries to stay focused on what The Wraith is saying but can’t help seeing flashes of doom and destruction, and a vision of Absolute Zero getting a speeding ticket on his way to the party and receiving a larger fine for disrespecting an officer. That explains why he’s been sitting and brooding in the corner the whole party with no more then a grunt to anyone who addresses him. She returns her mind to the conversation.

The Wraith is well trained in proper social etiquette and is the perfect guest, complimenting Mrs. Parsons on her lovely roses. All the while her eyes scan the room for signs of illegal activity, possible enemies and the quickest escape route in case of an emergency. She carefully watches the new guy, Mr. Fixer. He hasn’t been around long enough to have The Wraith’s complete trust. But then…who does?

Mr. Fixer is at that moment under the kitchen sink working on a leak. Legacy told him to leave it be and enjoy the party but Mr. Fixer isn’t much of one for idle conversation.

Tempest stands by the fish bowl with a bit of a longing look on his face. He sighs, fixes his gills into a smile and tries to start a conversation with Fanatic.

Expatriatte just sends a card.

I pity the villain that crashes this party. I’m not even that crass as to crash a birthday party with that kind of firepower and I am a jerk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, now I’m imagining Mr. Fixer being like Ron Swanson.

Ron Swanson in SOTM… my imagination is running wild…

I will say two things about the birthday party scenario.


Second,you’re pretty much spot on about everyone, other than Haka. He’s a lot more jovial than people give him credit for. He’s been around a long time, and has learned to be rather chill. He is a substitute teacher for a few kindergartens, as he loves talking to children, and they enjoy him as well. He’s one of the only people that can shame Legacy with a look of, “Well, that wasn’t very nice, was it?” The only things that can throw him into a rage are his friends being hurt or innocents in danger. He enjoys ABBA and his favorite musical is “Movin’ Out”.

He’s one of my favorite characters to play around with. He’s a much nicer person than almost anyone I know, but he’s also a centuries old warrior, wise in the ways of the world. I’ve always liked that his tagline is “The Savage” Haka, because it’s a tag line more about how he is perceived than what his personality is.

Sorry for rambling on like that! Give me the time and space, and I’ll write pages and pages on any/all of these characters!

No disrespect to Haka intended. I guess I’ll have to get to know him better. :smiley:

We need to get you time and space!

Time and Space… I see what you did there. :wink:

I saw that too. Haka promo coming in Time and Space. >:(

Back on track, I find The Visionary a bit off. To me, The Visionary would be more like a strict mom. She says things like “I told you so.” and “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” because she sees some vision of the future and knows to some extent what the future holds (at least in her timeline).

For some reason, I see Tachyon being a bit cheeky. Maybe it’s her pose on her HP tracker. Maybe it’s because she has some cheeky flavor quotes “Dude you are not my nemesis” “I have a spare D-Cell”.

Alright, I was gone for a few hours, and this is what I missed? I feel so behind! But I actually kinda figured Haka to be a happy person, because in his HP tracker art, he’s just got the biggest smile on his face and just looks like he wants to make a clever quip or something. Some of the heroes just seem to have a sense of humor about what they’re doing, like I said earlier. Specifically, Tachyon, Bunker, Young Legacy, and Haka seem like the kind of heroes that can be serious and get the job done when it needs to be done, but afterwards (and maybe even during) they can just laugh and relax. And I don’t blame Bunker; if I had a giant robot weapon suit, my only thought would be “This is just a ton of fun!”

The other hero I think has probably the most interesting life is of course Young Legacy. Assuming she’s in late high school or college, I see her as not really fighting too much big crime (I imagine Legacy would probably be protective of his daughter, and just tell her to focus on school/university), but she still gets treated like a celebrity and makes a lot of friends. You know those people who are easy to talk to and care about everyone and will fix any problem, big or small, and don’t expect anything in return? I see her like that.

And I actually see Visionary as being more kind and passively sympathetic to the heroes, since in her bio, it mentions how the world has gone to hell, and in order to live, she goes back in time. But since this is a multiverse with multiple timelines, that future still exists, and the Freedom Six of the future are still stranded there. She probably knew the future versions of many of the heroes (And even knew if any of them die), so I feel like she’d be (awkwardly) trying to be friends with them.

Having seen Unity’s description I somehow see her and Mr. Fixer getting along. Kind of like Wolverine being the protector/friend of Jubilee (or Rogue in the movies).

Oooh! Mr. Fixer/Unity as Wolverine/Jubilee! I actually really like that a lot (especially since Unity seems a lot less annoying than Jubilee and Uncle Wolfy gets a little ‘eh’ whereas I think Mr. Fixer would avoid some of that).

“I’m the best there is at what I do. And what I do is hit people with auto tools.”

Based on our info for this new Ambuscade guy, I’m gonna guess he and Spite get along. I’m assuming they both got their genetic-mutation drugs from the same place (Pike?), both are fond of keeping their faces covered with similar masks, but mainly, they’ve got an insatiable need to hunt people. Imagine what they could do if they worked together. But I’m guessing at some point they may have had a hunting competition or something. Of course, they’d scale the competition, what with Ambuscade hunting heroes and Spite hunting people.

I’m curious how all the Citizens interact with each other. They all obviously have their own cliques, and some citizens are obviously more equal than other citizens, but are the cliques more antagonistic or dismissive towards each other? How quickly would they turn on each other if Dawn was removed from the picture?

That’s a very good question Ryushikaze, that makes me also wonder the same thing. And their names, is that their real names or are they names Citizen Dawn gave to them?