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Making a new thread for folks to suggest Topics for the Letters Page to cover, with the idea being that topics suggested here would then be posted on the Patreon the next time Topic Submissions are open. Not everyone is A) a Patron, or B) filled with their own ideas for topics to suggest.

If this takes off, maybe an admin could sticky this post so it is always available as time goes on?

I Helped!

Bassed on the theory that all the printed RPG adventures are based on Sentinels Comics published by the company- How did the official cannon stories of each adventure go? (obviously long after the adventure has been out)

Writers room - A Freedom Five issue from back when Haka was a member

Creative Process? - Other than Unity what scene or element from the old Freedom Five cartoon has most often been referenced in comics or other media ( Real world the Hall of Justice and Legion of Doom Darth Vader head base from Super Friends are reused a lot and the new cartoon created characters of Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief , and Eldorado are often referenced)

Writers' Room Topics:

  • An issue from Mister Fixer's days as Black Fist (full on blaxploitation, grindhouse comic here)
  • An issue from Captain Cosmic and Parse in space together, doing their spacefaring thing.
  • An issue from the Dok'Thorath Civil War, featuring Prime Wardens
  • An issue featuring Nightmist training Harpy, wherein something goes terribly wrong
  • An issue where a villain actually *wins* 
  • An issue wherein the heroes outsmart the Celestial Tribunal
  • A 'swords-and-sorcery' story, in the vein of Conan or Red Sonya

Creative Process:

  • Allies of the Cult of Gloom (demons, otherworldly beings, etc.)
  • MacGuffins of the Multiverse (items that appear in numerous storylines, like the Infinity Gauntlet, the Anti-Life Equation, or the White Lantern Battery)
  • A day in the life at Sentinel Plaza (what's life like as a fledgeling hero?)
  • Strange Bedfellows (times when hero and villain had to come together to achieve some greater goal; also, failed crossovers between heroes)
  • Character-definining Arcs (those arcs that truly *changed* the way a character was viewed, like Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, or Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle)
  • Guest Authors in the Multiverse (arcs created by the SC-universe's featured authors, rather than comics-specific writers, in the vein of Ta-Nahesi Coates, Anthony Bourdain, or Neil Gaiman)
  • "Sentinels Beyond" (a reimagining of Sentinels heroes in the far future, a la Batman Beyond)
  • "Sentinels 1602" (see above, only for Marvel 1602)
  • Life in the Multiverse (favorite chains, restaurants, hotels, etc that have become ubiquitous over the comics history and the stories that have occurred therein)


  • Expatriette kills the Multiverse (just so it's here for posterity; I know it's already been suggested)
  • Conflicts behind the scenes (those times where the actual SC writers' room clashed over stories, characters, or other items)
  • The 70s Renaissance (featuring that enigmatic writer who revamped Argent Adept and Nightmist, among others)
  • The Iron Age (the minds behind reinventing the Wraith, building up Parse and Expatriette, and the focus on street-level heroes)
  • Merchandising! (all the *stuff* that gets made with the various Sentinels characters.  Playsets, action figures, toy contracts.  The Toys that Made Us, but for SotM)

I have but two desires.

A one-off Writer’s Room – emphasis on the ONE – where Adam and Christopher write what’s considered to be the worst issues in the metaverse. I’m not saying it has to be the one where Fanatic tries out other religions, but that’s along the lines of quality and fan reaction I’m talking here.

Just one issue.

And then we never have to do it again.

Also this, of course:

I've been fascinated by the Termi-Nation event for some time, specifically, the aspect where in that story the Freedom Five is starting to have second thoughts about the government's intentions and struggles with doing the right thing in the face of seemingly questionable orders. I'd love to see the story fully fleshed out with Legacy, Bunker, and Tachyon's reactions to that scenario.

Damn, knew I missed an important one!

Yes, I’d absolutely like a full breakdown of the Termi-Nation event and the repercussions therefrom…

Maggie and I talked about this once on YouTube but- Adam as art director going through the RPG to point out what was his art and what was done by others and what direction he had given to the contracted artist, calling out their names and possibly video chatting with them to discuss the creative process

Bring in Professor Christopher McGlothlin and Darren Watts to discuss The History of Sentinel Comics

Writers room - a normal issue of a Vertex line comic; one of the decent stories when most people still trusted the writers and they had not gone off the deep end yet.

Creative process - cover gallery - many 2nd party sources and sometimes publishers themselves will publish reprints of famous covers

Bring in someone from Underbite games and talk about Sentinels of Freedom- possibly when the RPG adventuer tie in is coming out or has been out for long enought to discus plot or to support the chapter 2 release of Sentinels of Freedom

They did an episode about power sources that basically went through the 20 power sources in the RPG how about talking about all the Backgrounds and all the archetypes. What real world comics best show off that Background or Archetype what Sentinels characters best exemplify that a option.

Lawyers and judges are “Law Enforcement” there’s Dare Devil and Captain Cosmic.

Are there any Sentinels that don’t fit any of the 18 normal archetypes and will need to wait for new books to add new options to get stats. ( You could build Parse as a Gadgeteer or a Reality Shaper but I think Hypercognitive needs it’s own archetype. I also hope Captain Cosmic and Idealist get a true Constructionist archetype instead of Psychic or Minion Maker, Of course I also hope that when we get a Prime Wardens book we have other options for a dedicated frontline fighter than Powerhouse and Close Quarters Combat)

A few random thoughts:

  • I'd like them to bring in Dave Chalker and talk about his perspective on the RPG, how that came about, what it was like to work with GtG in general and C&A in particular, what his challenges were from a mechanical perspective, and of course answering the tough rules questions.
  • Writer's Room: an undiscussed imprint.  Other than Disparation, we haven't seen stories about non-canon storylines, but Marvel and DC are full of this stuff.  Entire series, some short and some that go on for years, that reboot specific heroes and aren't canon to the main universe(s), or where everyone is a high school student, or where all the superheroes have super pets/kids and the stories are about the pets/kids, or where everything is basically the same but more kid-friendly, or that cross over with other properties, etc., etc.
  • Spinning off that last thought, a crossover story with Castle Comics (Earth-Prime) with one or more guests from Green Ronin.

Okay, I'm finally almost through my latest re-listen, and this time I was actually taking notes! :-o

Here's my list of potential episode requests that Christopher and Adam have mentioned, removing suggestions that have already been provided in this thread (e.g., Termi-Nation event -- which I _really_ want to hear!): 

  • Silver Gulch event (from Ep #29, et al)
  • Disparation on Citizen Storm, Arataki, Argent Artist, etc. (from Ep #59)
  • Disparation on Tempest initially encountering a villain instead of F5 (from Ep #59)
  • Disparation on Con meeting Haka (from Ed Note #15)
  • The story of Captain Cosmic and the Black Hole (from Ep #63)
  • Disparation V2 #150 - La Commadora goes to the Extremiverse! (from Ep #72 - I personally have no interest in this one, but am including it for completeness)
  • Story of Zhu Long's return after Dark Watch recovered Mr. Fixer (from Ep #75)
  • Universe Numbering System (from Ep #81, et al)
  • Singular Entities (from Ed Note #37) - They recently said this would have to wait for a while, though, so maybe once Prime War is better understood? 
  • Ambuscade Hunting Ra (from Ed Note #37)
  • Resolution of Hunted Fanatic (from Ep #131)
  • Nexus Primalis Creative Process (from Ed Note #37)
  • Black Fist & Legacy in the Enclave of the Endlings (from Ep #129)
  • Adam & Immutus (This is a joke!!! Do Not Submit!!!)
  • Captain Cosmic and Galatra's child (from Ed Note #37)
  • A Writer's Room from Vengeance (from Recapsode 2019) 
  • Wraith's supporting characters (from Recapsode 2019)
  • Disparation V1 #2 - World without The Wraith (from Ep #134)
  • Disparation V1 #3 - Evil Visionary (from Ep #134)
  • Disparation - World without Legacy (from Ep #134)
  • Disparation - Ryan Frost has a happy life (from Ep #134 -- This is a joke!!! Do Not Submit!!!)
  • Legacy's wedding, or some other wedding episode like Tachyon's (from Ep #134)
  • Time Cataclysm one-shot (from Ep #137)
  • Draw one-shot (from Ep #137)
  • A "rogues gallery" or some other "grab-bag" episode specifically to include the pheonix (from Ed Note #38)
  • The end of Captain Cosmic's "Dying Star" story arc (from Ed Note #38)

And some mentioned Christmas episodes we could submit, but have to make sure we time them appropriately! ;-)

  • Apostate Christmas (from Ep #131)
  • Year without Santa Claus - F5 (from Ep #131)


I'm pretty sure we got told that while they want to do a Singular Entities episode but that it wouldn't be one they could actually do in detail until much later.  

Yeah, I know they're waiting on things for at least Prime War, if not something else. Just didn't want to lose it. :-) 

Updated with a note to that effect. Thanks! 

​​​​​Gadgeteer is Parse though, there isn’t a Sentinels hero it fits better than her. Its all about mental capability and analysis and actually nothing to do with gadgets if you read the description, the defining required powerset is Intellectual (so, again nothing to do with gadgets) and even get a Parse card name into the abilities and about half of them named analyze/analysis. It’s really kinda a bad name for the archetype.

No better way to get people to submit something than to say "This is a joke! Do not submit!" XD

walks off whistling to self, looking innocent


(I really miss emojis… :frowning: )

This doesn’t seem like a topic submission but just a question in general to send in about why they went with Gadgeteer.

I’ve actually submitted both of these in the past. FWIW. One under “Arataki’s Universe” and one under “Singular Entities 101”. The latter at least I know has gotten a statement to wait until Prime War has solidified/revealed things more, and I think the former was waiting on the RPG books.

What do you mean “joke”? I want my episode where Ryan is doing a journalist project covering some jazz concert and supervillains attack and as a side effect of their methods Ryan ends up with some sort of writing-based superpowers and helps the F4 save the day while making lame writing/music puns.


Well crap… :-\

Now I do, too. :smiley: