New Roll20 Character Sheet

It looks like teekismcgeekis hasn't updated the Roll20 character sheet in well over a year, and since it has some missing functionality, I decided to make my own.

I just spent the past 2 weeks teaching myself html, and updating the sheet. I owe Teekis a thanks for the original sheet. I started with his and kept making changes until I had this:![](upload://nlqWtKgQX6z8ftHWUfTLAlP2Cfs.jpeg)![](upload://k9TBRKt4SVYXfrV0TWbtDdjGBJm.jpeg)


and the Macro results look like:


I'll be using it with my game group this week, and plan to offer it to Roll20 for public use after they've tested it for bugs.

Does anyone have any visible alterations they think I should make first?

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Looks great, and I look forward to seeing how it plays!

Agreed! Can't wait for it to go public. 

Oh, I remembered one thing that I wish was on the official sheet, that you could consider here. At the end of each entry, a small spot to put Sourcebook and Page number, in case you ever need to be reminded "what the heck was this supposed to do?" Especially useful if you rename Principles, or use the Secret 3rd Option, and pull abilities from other archetypes. It's also a form of future-proofing, for when there are more than one book to choose from.


"Principle of Awesome (SC:CRB, p162)"

"Super Mega Attack (SC:CRB, p114)"

I'm thinking it would clutter the character sheet too much.

How would you feel about an extra tab that lists the name of each ability, and has a source input? A little extra work for those that want to use that feature, but I think it's worth it not to overload the main sheet.

or perhaps a button somewhere on the page that hides/unhides an extra line after each ability.

"sourcebook" "page number" "original name"

How do I get to use this sheet? my players would love it.

I just submitted it to Roll20 yesterday, and am waiting to hear if it's been approved to get added to their site. I'll post here when it's official.

Shiny -- looking forward to hearing! :-D 

Great to hear.

Look forward to being able to use it, thanks for all the work put in.


It got approved by Roll20, and has replaced the previous version as the Roll20 sheet for SCRPG.

Very nice.  

There really is something comical about having a SCRPG game on Roll20...

We'll never roll a d20. 


The new sheet looks amazing, and it fixed some functionality issues with the old one, but it seems to be missing one important feature. On the old version of the sheet, you could record all your bonuses and penalties, and apply them to your rolls as needed. That function seems to have vanished entirely now. Is it possible that this function can be restored?

Possible yes, but I was asked to remove it by one of the people helping to design the system.

He explained to me that Bonuses, Penalties, and Defense are not tracked on the character sheet, but out on the table for all to see. In the game we've been playing, we have tokens that we drag out onto the table, and place next to a character token that has that bonus/penalty. My understanding is that more acurately represents the intended game play.

If this is something the comunity wants, I can put it back in, but I tend to defer to the game designers.

Well, I can only speak for myself, but my players are *extremely* unhappy about having lost the function :(

Especially since the automatic replacement of the sheet on Roll20 deleted all of their stored bonuses and penalties from last session too.

Shouldn't those go away at the end of the scene? I guess you might have had to end a session mid scene.

Hmm. Well, it would be rather simple for someone with a pro account to recover the data from your player's character sheets. Much more so then re-incorporating the feature. Invite me to your game over PM, and I can do that for you pretty quickly.

Much obliged :)

Link is away!

What's the link to your fiilable character sheet on roll20?   

When you create a game on Roll20, it gives you options of which character sheet to use.

Select “Sentinel Comics RPG” and you are set to go.

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