New Spam Technique

We have been seeing a new technique spammers have been using. They copy an old post from the forums to look legit, then edit it with spam links. If you see something like this come up, please PM the mods to delete it. Thanks!

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I guess you could call that...

A Good Time-Spam.

I'll see myself out.

Is there a way we can report these spam-threads or the users that are making them? It's getting more obnoxious now with posts just filled with links.

As Pydro said in the OP you can PM the mods about it.  

Not letting me message you at moment power, but there is at least one on the spirit island forum and another on the video game forum at the moment

A list of the newest spam-threads have been sent to Pydro

Might want to include multiple Mods in the future, in case Pydro's not available. :-) 

Could we maybe have the mods marked in the list of active users, so we know who to message?

That would be really helpful. I have no idea who the mods are, or at least I couldn't name any off the top of my head. c.c

I’m sure I’m missing a few but Pydro, Rabit, Arenson9, and grysqrl are all mods

The problem is remembering that list when you see a spam. Like, I know there are a lot of regulars, and many of them are mods, but I don't always remember exactly which. Eg, I'm always tempted to think that you are a mod, Powerhound 2000.

Which I find odd but you’re not the only one I’ve found out.  

Good idea. No idea if the admins can/will make it happen. In the meantime, note that if you click through each individual name in the list of active users, moderators will be labeled as such.

Only one you’re missing is lynkfox. Still, we should have a place where folks can know who the mods are. We’ll bring it up to the Admins. :slight_smile:

Isn't there a "report post" button somewhere for if you think a post should be looked at by the Mods/Admin? At least one other forum I visit has such a thing. Then there's no hunting through a list of names, you just click the "Report" button at the top/bottom of the post in question and it brings up a message box or drop-down menu or whatever for you to fill in as to why you're flagging the post, and then sends that to all the Mods/Admin who are in a list to receive such.

There’s no report button that I’ve ever seen and the mods wouldn’t be able to set that up it would be the forum admin.  

I believe that's on the wishlist for the new site... 

I just cut and pasted the address for each spam thread I found into a PM. Not as quick as a 'Report' button, but I guess it got the job done.

And thank you for sending it to multiple of us. I never got the PM notification, myself, due to the old PM notification bug, so I’m glad someone saw it and dealt with it. :-) 


and truthfully I’m not much of a Mod. Have the status cause of the wiki, and I do delete spam when I see it, but I’m not around here very often to do actual modding work :confused: