Hey everuone. I was just wondering about the prime war status. I preordered the profit one and been waiting. Since the change happen i had to wait long. I still love this game so much i just kinda want to expand what i have if theres any official word on it status weither its in play testing if its in playtesting how far is it? And if 2018 is going to be the release time.

Also what will prime wars and the other expansion (im assuming theres another small one since there was a big and small expasion in the original preorder) include character wise.

This announcement has the information you are looking for.

It is being worked on, but I can't give you official word on anything as to planned release date.  There's a lot of work left to do.

From waht I am aware, the main box will contain the characters you see in the art through that link, and the smaller box expansion will have The Ennead.

And maybe Akash? She was supposed to be bundled into the Broken City/For Profit package, but I have not heard or seen anything about it for Prime War. I mean, having Akash in that expansion theme makes way more sense, but Idk if she has been scrapped along with the previous expansion or not.

I through Akash was meant to be a standalone expansion not bundled with Broken City/For Profit

That's correct

I meant that it was coming bundled with the preorder of BrokenCity/For Profit.

I don't believe that was the case.  

I don't believe so, either. Here are the news items I could find: 1 & 2

I believe they were doing initial design on her at around the same time as the pre-order, but I don't think anything was announced. I might have missed it, though. 

its likely the case I just misremember it since it's been so long

She definitely would fit the new box, being the reason the Wardens were assembled in the first place, but at this point there is a lot up in the air.

Ya i recall she was going to be a mini expansion by herself because of all the moving parts they wanted to do with her. I would love some kinda of update on prime war though soon. Its been a few months since the last yes this is alive and we are working on it and this is what is going on update… aka, Christopher and Paul this is me politely asking for an update. 


I wouldn't expect one for a little bit.  The last few steps of OblivAeon are a huge deal, and he needs to do a few things to help the SoEP kickstarter.  It is being worked on, but kind of around him, not through him at the moment.  If that makes sense.

ya I figured but worth a try

I've been holding off on making 'what's happening?" posts myself, trying to be patient. I think the pre-order folks have for the most part shown extraordinary restraint so far with little news on progress. I know there are many other irons in the fire for the company because I hear a lot about those projects. An occasional taste would be nice.

I'm excited because the Prime Wardens are my fave SotM team, Sky-Scraper is also awesome, and the cover art is both cool and raises some questions so I want to see more art/bios.

Mostly the 180 costume changes of Argent and Cosmic. Argent's gone from fussily ornate and spandex-y to something rather practical and workmanlike (and also ditched his instruments for a songbook), while Cosmic's gone from Cheerfully Dignified Space Dad to Really Pissed Off and Scary Space Dad. Also apparently Tempest liked the look of their XTREME double.

Now that you mention that, I'm wondering if that might be Xtreme Tempest -- like if that version of M'kk got stuck here during the fight with OblivAeon.

from what's known of the Xtream Prime Wardens, they all left the regular SotM reality. So unless they came back to fight OblivAeon and we had another unfortunate casulty in that fight, I think that's still our Tempest.

Maybe the real tempest died in the oblivion event the the extreme tempest is taking his place

I mean it would make the most sense to bring out Akash with this wave since she brought the Prime Wardens together the first time .... *coughs*

I agree.