Question of the Day!

Hamburgers or hotdogs?

Burgers, though hotdogs are pretty great too.

Also, what a fun idea for a thread!


Hamburgers.  Much more you can do with that than hotdogs.   Still won't turn down a hotdog though especially a Chicago Dog.  

I've always been a hotdog person.

Hamburgers! They go better with the bread.

Hotdogs are just a sausage swimming in infinite bun. Why so much bun?? 

Boo hotdogs. Yay hamburgers!




Can you repeat the question?


You've messed it all up :(

Why so much bun??

For the chili to make chili dogs!


Can you repeat the question?

Why so much bun??


There sure was quite a bit of questions for a thread supposed to be question of the day.

While I love a good Chicago dog, I can put a lot more on a burger. ![](upload://ve6JRfbOmZmiIX3fZnL4Kj6mCBg.gif) (Plus I know what's actually in the meat... ![](upload://uooFyd0CpCULAIJEjL3v7ENF8kZ.gif))


Another day, another question. (Although, you can still answer previous questions.)

Sky castle or underwater fortress?

Sky castle.  The underwater fortress seems rather inconvient to go to and wouldn't be mobile.  

Damnit! How dare you post a new question that makes my answer look nonsensical! 


Today's answer, Underwater castle.

Underwater fortress sounds cool to me but I’d be much too worried about it leaking.

So… Sky Castle!

Castle on a cloud!