Question of the Day!

How about a hot dog IN a sky fortress?

Sky castle!! Filled its little burgers (missed yesterday's question).

I guess this castle is white...

I have no idea what you are talking about.

So which answer to the second question means I can eat a Cheeseburger in Paradise?

Sky Castle

Sky Castle! So much fun! For starters, dropping things on people… (and people on things – did I say that out loud?! :blush: )

Pillow fort.

Sigh Pydro. You and your modhood.

Sky castle, unless the underwater fortress happens to be the ruins of atlantis.

Sky Castle, but its gotta have that cool stalagtite thing hanging off the bottom so people go searching for whete it rose out of the ground.

Sky castle.

I'm voting Bratwurst.

To yesterday's question - burgers :D.

To today's question I can't swim and I don't like heights but I think I'd feel much less claustrophobic in the sky castle...

New day, new question! (Although, you can still answer old questions!)

Being immortal and looking like you are 100 years old or being immortal and looking like you are 10 years old?

My first thought was 10, but then I realized you could never go anywhere without people stopping you to ask if you were lost and where your parents were. I can see that getting really old really quickly. So I’ll say 100.

So long as I died in my 30s and have rotted all my flesh off by the time I'm 100, I'll take unlife and 100 please.

Looking 100.

If I'm going to be immortal I'd rather be listened to and underestimated than constantly trying to convince people I'm not 10 and I know what I'm talking about.

probably 100.

Assuming that appearance also includes the physical fitness of the age, I’d rather be 10 than 100.

Mental health, too. Not too many 100-year-olds are all there. If physical and mental health is no worse than I am now, looking 100. Otherwise, 10 and I’ll just live off the internet.

Hot Dog vs. Hamburger: What matters is the mustard

Sky Castle vs water thing: Whichever is the easiest and least expensive to maintain

10 vs 100: 100 -- medical advances will eventually fix any problems and make me look young and sexy, but a ten year old doesn't have their full mental faculties yet or sexual capabilities