Question of the Day!

Hmm, neither a hundred-year-old nor a ten-year-old are generally particularly strong physically, so if someone wanted to attack me I might have problems. However, if you only look that age but are actually not physically as weak as you would be at that age, I can't help but keep thinking of Babette from Skyrim and want to look ten years old (okay, so Babette is a vampire which is why she looks like a small child - because that's how old she was when she got bitten, but still...). I suppose it depends whether the physical/mental infirmities of old age actually show up, or whether I just look all wrinkly and stuff. After all, if I'm only gonna look that age, maybe I can still be all there underneath.

But then, I wouldn't want to be immortal in the first place. After all, to live forever is to ultimately be alone forever, unless you can find someone else who's also immortal, and then you'd probably get fed up of each other after a few decades/centuries/millennia...

New day, new question!

Fireball or lightning bolt?

I hit you with both.

Lightning bolt!

Lightning Bolt is more fun to say and shout randomly.  

Fireball!  I specialize in point-blank fireballs.

#1 The All-American from Hardee's. Split hotdog on a thick burger WITH kettle potatochips and all the fixings.

#2 Sky-Castle. I had too much fun owning one in an evil themed game in D&D to not want one again. And who says I can't sink it in the ocean and make it the other? As long as I can bubble it, of course

#3 It depends on if I'd still retain my mind and strength, or if I'd 100% be either age. IF that's the case, then I suppose 100.

#4 Lightning-Bolt I'll be the insane immortal old man throwing lightning from my Sky-Castle, eating my All-American.

Edit: Finished answering up the questions

Fireball, seems more useful.

I suppose it depends on the situation...I feel like Lightning Bolt might be more fun, but then Fireball is something of a classic...hmm, can I chuck a Fireball that crackles with lightning? Or actually...lightning cna still set stuff on fire, just not quite in the same way as a Fireball. And I could do my own Ominous Lightning at crepy intervals. Maybe I could set up a spooky mansion on a hill and cast lightning as people were walking up to it and stuff, and freak them out >:).

New day, new question!

Being able to hear other people’s thoughts but only when they think something positive about you or being able to hear other people’s thoughts but only when they think something negative about you?

I'll take being able to hear people but only when they're not thinking about me.

It would be horrible to know what people actually thought about you.

If I had to pick I’d say positive but I’d honestly rather have neither.

Positive would certainly build on my self-confidence, but I'd choose negative because I can't change if people don't tell me what I'm doing wrong, and I'm always worried people aren't telling me what I'm doing wrong… :confused:

Well hearing those positive thoughts just sounds lovely!

Also it would be amazing on dates.

Man, that Peter. Such a beautiful blue beard…

I’d go with positive. I’m already self-critical enough, I’m not sure I want he affirmation of others when it comes to my doubt.

I choose negative. I fear I would never hear anything if I went positive.

I'd go positive.  It would help me be more upbeat to help others also be upbeat.

Only hearing the positive, that way if its all silent you know there could be negative.

Well, I think I'll agree with those who say they'd rather hear nothing at all but if a choice has to be made, then positive, I suppose...

New day, new question!

Wizard or sorcerer?