Questions about the team The Sentinels

Ok... so it is a 'team' hero... so if played as a standard game of SotM does the Sentiles count as 1 for the "H" ratings or as 4? 
Based on reading the rules, we assumed that it counts as only 1 and only 1 of the Sentiles can use a power per turn. 

When a villian attacks all non-vilian targets or All hero targets... do all 4 of the Sentinels take the damage or just 1 of them? That woud seem odd if they count for only 1 hero anc only use 1 power per round... furthermore its odd since Plauge Rat's infection infects all of them and they count as 4 for that. 

The healing powers that allows Dr. Medico to reflip & heal incapacitated heros... the text says "your heroes"... not "the Seninels"... so... if a 2 player game is happening and they each play 2 heros, then the player playing the Sentinels and another hero, can they use the power to reflip and heal the other non-Sentinel hero?  Or does it allow Dr.Medico to do that for ANY hero in the game? 

I would love an idiot simple explaination of the Sentinels game play and powers. I think the rulesbook was too short for them.



All of them.

Between them the Sentinels have 52 hit points. If area-of-effect attacks only damaged one of them they would be very overpowered indeed.

I don't know if I'm reading you wrong or not, but that's not how Infection works with the Sentinels. Infection only affects one of the Sentinels, other Sentinels can't be Infected, and the Sentinels count as a single infected Hero.

No, just the Sentinels.

when I read the part about Plauge Rat, I thought it said they all become infected and count towards the total number needed to flip his card. 


They do. As 1 standard character.

But only one takes the infection damage

ahhhhhh Thanks!!!!


I was tired... and we were all trying new characters... and I was getting a little confussed. 



Also.. Since Dr.Medico's healing powers say "your heroes" and not "The Sentinels" some of the rules lawyers in my gaming group said that the statement was vague enough and interpretable enough to be used on anyone in the hero party... in their words… all cards that a hero can only use on themselves say it bluntly… using the hero’s name...

I disagreed, but conceded that "your heroes" was poor wording... 


"Your heroes" are not "their heros". Your = the player. The wording is rock solid. Their rationals might be a different matter all together  :stuck_out_tongue:

That bit has been clarified officially and is in my FAQ.  Those cards which allow you to un-incapacitate a character can only ever been used on a member of the Sentinels hero.


Ahhh… but if in a 2 player game with each player playing 2 heros… then could it be used on my second hero? 
if so, then it would follow that all other heros are "your heroes" meaning "your hero team"…  … 


Sometimes I hate my group. 




When it says your hero, you have to treat it as if each hero had its own player.

Well then by the same logic something that said 'you may play a card' would let either of your heroes play a card, and that's clearly not how it works.

I think the spirit of intent for the card is clear. 

With that said though, this is a co-op game. If your group decides to play something a certain way, regardless of "official" response or Forum consensus, theres nothing preventing you from doing so. In fact, most here will encourage to play by "group consensus" regardless I'd imagine. The game is here to have fun after all.

The forums are here when you want/need a rules arbitrator.

I was playing Team-S (Scholar, The Sentinels, & Setback) versus Plague Rat. Write had his signature power out and Sentinels Tactics was in play. I wanted to be sure that the following was legal:

Everyone is infected and Plague Rat is flipped. Scholar has Flesh to Energy in play. On his turn, he uses Rat's deal 3/heal 3 power to hit Writhe, who redirects 1 of it to Plague Rat, then Scholar heals 3 and does another 3 to PR.

On the Sentinel's turn, Writhe does himself 1 irreducible damage, which he redirects to PR (and it isn't reduced...) so Sentinel Tactics triggers and Dr. Medico can heal Scholar for 3, and he does yet another 3 to PR. And then Idealist can still use her power to 2 damage to Plague Rat.

So depending on what Setback is doing, the group could be healing 6 - 9 HP / turn while doing 11 damage to Plague Rat and still being able to play cards.

Is this just a really nice combination, or am I missing someting?

Sounds okay to me :). Even better if Rat's still got his Locus out, in which case all the Infected people have +1 damage, so while their Infection damage is increased by a point, so is the Scholar's zappy-zappy when he heals :D.

Just note that if Scholar is at max health, he can't be healed anymore.

That is a legit scenario.  Very cool too.  Don't poison people who aren't made of flesh.

I've had people toss attacks on the Scholar just so I can heal to do more damage :slight_smile:

I have one misgiving with this part: writhe is not the source of the damage he redirected and thus does not trigger Sentinels Tactics, but if you played the idealists power before Dr Medico's it would trigger it and you could do everything you said just not in the same turn order. Its a technicality but one you'll find helpfull if you can can get to redirect the operatives damage so the chairman replies on her for hitting him.

Infections cause self-inflicted damage. Why wouldn't he be the source?