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It has been foretold!


Very excited about this. :smiley: This could be a turning point for me.

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This could be a turning point for me.

Changing your name to TookRunner?


Turning point, how so?

Awesome! Can’t wait for the news!

Cool as the base game is, I think I’m looking more forward to this expansion. The Dark Watch team and their villains are my favorite characters, and I can’t wait to see some of their sorely needed rebalances, as well as any brand new content.


I can’t wait to see what gets done with Nightmist and Expatriette.

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This is the thing I have been waiting for. Expatreitte is one of my favorite characters in the game, and I can’t wait to see her fine-tuned. And finally poor Gloomweaver will get the love and care he deserves.

I’m also curious to see if my prediction that Fixer is going to become a master of the Reaction mechanic is true.

Also, just because we can…

Theories/things we know (assuming it will be 12/6/6 again, which we may have heard differently)

Heroes (12 heroes)
Dark Watch Team

  • Expatriette (SQUEEE)
  • Setback (I don’t imagine he will change drastically)
  • Mr. Fixer (if he doesn’t use Reactions heavily, I’m not sure how much he will change)
  • Nightmist (Not sure how she would change. I do predict she will be one of the heroes able to redirect damage to the villains, which can’t be done in the base game, possibly small changes but…)
  • Harpy (Seeing Harpy and Nightmist side-by-side will be weird, but in the EE, Harpy often seemed almost more magical, it would be interesting to see how they make a master and student set-up when they are released side-by-side)

I’ve heard there is supposed to be a new hero, but I’m two years behind on the podcast (December 2019 currently) so I don’t know who people are predicting.

  • The Scholar He plays a big mentor role to Expat and a few of the others, so he makes some sense here.

  • Parse (she makes a lot of sense starting in Rook City, considering her brutal nature. Probably not a lot of changes)

  • Visionary (Would make sense, Project Cocoon, Dreamer, ect)

Hmmm… at this point I’m looking at the list of heroes and realizing that with 5 releases, this is unlikely to be 12 heroes per box (there are only 10 left for 4 boxes if everything on my list makes it), so I’ll leave these as the most likely candidates

Villains (6 villains)

  • Chairman/Operative (I noticed this with Voss, but there were fewer copies of “minion” in his deck. I wonder if they will go the same way with Chairman. They don’t need to change him, but removing some of the mooks could give room to add more environment manipulation and a few more ongoings. I wonder if they’d do a base card, like a gang hideout? No solid ideas here)Critical Event? Operative takes over?

  • Plague Rat ( Probably reworking the infection mechanic. Could possibly add a “Rat-beast hero” card, since we’ve never gotten that feel of the infection actually creating more monsters. Otherwise he’s pretty solid? Maybe the Rat Beasts infesting the city is more an event or critical event?)

  • Spite (YAS, rework of Spite. YAS!! Please, he’s a pain point in the game and seeing him redone will likely make a world of difference. I imagine a big change will be them finding ways to make rescuing the civilians a good strategy. Critical Event would logically be Gloom Spite)

  • Gloomweaver (Another really hype rework. With the Critical Event being Skinwalker I bet. I don’t even want to make predictions I am just ready for it.)

  • Kismet (We have Setback, so his nemesis makes sense here. Likely getting an overhaul)

  • The Dreamer (She was a rook city event, considering she lived in a Rook City suburb. No idea what they would change specifically, but I imagine she is getting a bit of a rework since her flip side ended up usually not being terribly exciting, if memory serves)

Since we are looking at needing more villains and environments for fewer heroes…

Ambuscade (Makes some good sense as an urban bounty hunter. Traps would get a rework definitely, possibly end up more like Mad Bomber Blade)
Miss Information (She is defeated in Pike Industrial, so this fits here)

Apostate or the Ennead could also work, considering how much magic is floating around.

Environments (6 environments)

  • Rook City (duh. I imagine it will likely be a little more forgiving. Also likely have a lot more targets in it, to represent gang activity and just general criminality rather than the passive ongoings. I’m really curious to see how they rework it considering Megalopolis’s changes)
  • Pike Industrial Complex (another obvious one.I wonder if they will make the various vats Targets, that when they hit 0 hp, they explode for an effect. That’d be kind of cool)
  • Realm of Discord (If we have Spite, Gloomweaver and some of the others, this just makes sense. Not sure what they would do with it)
  • Court of Blood (not in Rook City, but fits the themes well enough)
  • Madame Mittermeiers (This fits into Rook City well)
  • Temple of Zhu Long (he mostly does stuff in Rook City, so this makes too much sense)
  • Tomb of Anubis (only if we get Ennead)

But, bonus prediction… I bet we get a new environment we’ve never seen before.


I’m excited to learn more about the 5 new decks we’re getting. : )


6 heroes, 9 villains are the numbers I heard.


6 heroes: Dark Watch + a new one confirmed (I have never been so sure of something unconfirmed in my life as the fact that we will get Alpha the Wolfwoman as the sixth hero)

9 Villains: Gloomweaver (confirmed), Spite, Chairman, Plague Rat, Kismet (no brainers). We will probably see between 1 and 3 new ones with Zhu Long, Chaos Witch, and Apex all looking very likely. Ambuscade, Apostate or Ennead might be the last one.

Environments except Pike and Rook City might be more of a toss up.

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There’s one new Villain that I’m fairly certain none of us know anything about . . .

Okay, so if we want to have the same number of decks (24) then we would need 9 environments

If we have Gloomweaver and Nightmist and Harpy, then I think we have to have the Realm of Discord.

If we get a Zhu Long deck (I’m not convinced, but maybe something in the Letter’s Page I haven’t heard gives more credence to that) then I’d guarantee the Temple is an environment.

The issue I’m running into is that we know a lot of this stuff has to come in later expansions. For example, anything space related has to be saved for a Cosmic expansion, and we have a lot of time stuff that I feel like has to be its own thing (I think they were confirmed calling that box Disparation?) .

I wouldn’t be surprised that Vengeance mode is its own expansion, likely with few or no heroes so that they can put all 15 Vengeance style decks in one box. And then the last expansion is Oblivaeon, which in terms of heroes would see us get Luminary, Commadora, Lifeline, and the other “heroes” who only came about to face Oblivaeon.

Which gives magic stuff not really a good home, UNLESS it fits into Rook City… Which is why I want to put the Ennead, The Tomb, Apostate and a few other things directly into this box, even if I’m not sure they really “fit” well.

Doh, your are right. Realm of discord is a given

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How would you know if none of us knows anything about it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I suppose it is somewhat arrogant of me to assume that merely since I know nothing about something, everyone else also knows nothing about it as well. I believe I am fairly up-to-date on most of the released lore, but it is always possible that one of you knows something I that I do not.

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You lost me :sweat_smile:

How do you know there will be a villain none of us knows anything about. Zhu Long, Apex, and Chaos Witch seems like strong contenders, but you think there is a secret number four on the way?

Also Nightmist and Diamond Manor is “in” Rook City so magic stuff fits perfectly in RCR.


True. Plus we’ve got the cult of gloom and a bunch of other magical things going on in the city, but I don’t know if we want to make it seem like Rook City is a magical city.

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Okay, now I understand what you meant. I misinterpreted what you said earlier. Y’see, I’m a Playtester, so I know these kinds of things. I’ve probably already said more than I should have, though.

*Smoke Bombs*


While I would love getting 9 environments, I’m not super convinced they would include that many. While we would be getting fewer cards and fewer total decks, we’re also getting a ton of Hero Variants, Events and Critical Events. Each of the villains is probably getting at least 1 event and 1 critical, possibly more, along with some new events for a few base game villains. Each of the new heroes are getting 1st App. variants, along with their variants from the old game, along with old and new variants for them and base game heroes.