Sentinels of Earth Prime discussion

Well, they have been shipping the game out so let’s talk.

Johnny Rocket is the speedster
instead of building up speed by counting his discard he has “momentum” keyword ongoings that do something when played and then sit there waiting to be destroyed to power up other cards. many cards include “you may play a card” allowing him to chain through his hand. he also has a great support card that lets an ally search their deck for an equipment and put it in play
Johnny’s variant card is an homage to DC Showcase #4 first appearance Barry Allen Flash breaking out of a movie reel frame. The power lets you shuffle cards from hand face up into your deck that trigger as soon as they are on top of your deck. very cool art callback and great thematic being in 3 places at once skipping through time.

Doctor Metropolis is a city spirit
a lot like a hero Akash deck modeled off Captain Cosmic’s constructs as her limbs. his targets have the “location” keyword, a keyword shared by cards in the Freedom City environment deck making him very useful in that environment just like fighting Omnitron in Omnitron IV. His locations do self-damage, so they don’t last too long. I plan on playing the variant that heals all locations as its power

Lantern Jack is a cursed ghost bringing truth, justice, and revenge attempting to atone for his own sins
Super low HP but almost all his cards heal him even if he is at or above max HP. (this is one issue with the rule book saying to put HP tokens on a card as damage instead of my preference to place tokens on a card and remove them to show damage.) The more truth/justice/revenge he brings to the world the stronger his tie to the world becomes

Eldritch is the master mage
he puts spell cards into play and some of his cards and his innate powers put tokens on his cards and then at the end of tun you may remove tokens to do something. a bit like Argent Adept in long set up and crazy pay off. Oh, I can’t play cards or use powers? removing tokens is neither of those. His Nemesis Malador the mystic also has the Spell keyword on his cards.

Daedalus wears a power suit with gravity control inventions
His gimmick is drawing cards as a cost of using effects and his equipment dose damage to him and destroys themselves if he has over 7 cards in hand. his resource management needs him to “balance” or “juggle” things

Star Knight has a suit of power armor that draws on cosmic energy
In the Multiverse Scholar, Lifeline, and Haka draw cards and discard cards as ley line magic/mana that is kind of like ley lines. Star Knight moves cards from her discard to the bottom of her deck to use some effects as she draws on universal cosmic energy. very neat as the mechanic is thematically similar. the variant card is another member of the Star Knight order, an alien with a single snake like tail instead of legs.

The Raven is a ninja detective
gadget attacks that hinder more than high damage. Tactic cards do something when they come into play and when they are destroyed and destroy other tactics when played.

Captain Thunder is a flying brick with thunder and lightning control.
Good tanking and support. lots of melee, sonic, and lightning damage

Lady Liberty imagine Wonder Woman built as a D&D paladin instead of a D&D fighter
lots of healing, melee/radiant damage, other support.

Pseudo telepathic shapeshifter
Some cool infiltrator/deception tricks and psychic support
Shape cards give him cool attack or defense tricks and destroy other shape cards. can’t wait to play him in fixed point.

Bowman is an archer with trick arrows
most one-shot cards have arrow keyword and other cards let you search / retrieve or play arrow cards or do something when you discard arrows

Siren weather controller
her cards are more about changing the battlefield then Tempest she also has more hero damage, but she can also destroy her own cards and has a card that prevents all damage she does to hero targets


Funnily, I went out and recorded a vlog while walking around town talking about Earth-Prime yesterday, then came home and found out the wind was too loud to make out what I was saying half the time so I need to redo it. XD

Gotta be careful about those weather effects!


Thanks for starting this discussion! Looking forward to getting ours, as we had a wonderful time playtesting SoEP! :smiley:

Uh… :unamused: It does? I’ve always played the way you prefer (initially add the tokens to represent current HP and remove as damage is taken), mostly because it ensures we can easily determine highest / lowest with just a glance around the table (instead of having to do math every time) (and that’s how GTG does their demos) but I didn’t think the rule book said either way. :worried: I checked both the SotM and SoEP digital rulebooks I have and didn’t see anything. Did I miss it? :confused:

The rulebook only says to use the tokens to “keep track of HP” and doesn’t suggest exactly how to use them in the text. However, in the examples on pages 7-8, it does show using them to represent damage, not HP, in the way noted by Sea-Envy.

It also unfortunately has outdated text in the Conflict Resolution section on page 7, that doesn’t include the early order of operations ruling. I think that’s not a big deal though, as beginners won’t really notice it, and experienced players will either know or can find the ruling.

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I really loved playtesting Earth Prime as well. Sadly, it will probably only see occasional play time for me as I’m mostly playing Definative Edition at this point.

Some highlights I remember from back when we were testing this:
-Freedom City Environment was probably my favorite Environment ever designed up to that point. Now its probably DE Atlantis but Freedom City is still my pick for best representation of an urban setting.
-Eldrich is just blast to play. I love how he does spells and relics in a way tha feels completely his own.
-I remember remarking at one point during testing that I thought Daedelus’s mechanic was completely unworkable… it ended up becoming one of my favorites in the entire set.


Thanks, @MigrantP! :smiley: I did not look at the graphic in my search. :smiling_face:

For some reason, I really loved playing Lantern Jack in playtesting. Just such an interesting combination of mechanics and theme that I was highly entertained.

Given how strong the Earth-Prime heroes seem to be, I’m wondering whether they’d be more playable alongside DE than the older EE heroes. Has anyone tried it out to see if it works?

I have not, but I really should. I also think they’d be a better fit using the DE rubric than other EE heroes.

@MigrantP since you popped in right away is Handelabra working on a digital edition?
If it’s something you guys can not do at this time would Green Ronin be able to license someone to make it for the Steam Workshop?

I’d suggest reading this Handelabra Games Year In Review 2021 — Handelabra Games


Dr. Metropolis has a card that can blank the text of an Environment card as it is being destroyed. It works with all the Freedom City Locations that hurt the heroes when destroyed. Are there any Enhanced Edition cards this could help with?

And for people who do not know Green Ronin lore the reason it is called Freedom City is because it is the multidimensional parallel of Free Port the city they did D&D and Pathfinder adventures for.
Heck in Marvel comics Spider-Man fought an evil wizard Red Sonja fought your D&D / Pathfinder character might have heard of Malador the Mystic.

could the crossover be Siler Age Sentinels? The Kickstarter for a 2nd edition ended last week?

The Explosives Wagon in Silver Gulch for one! Also Zhu Long’s poisoners, and it could keep the Celestial Tribunal’s Trials from accelerating the environment. Same with Frazzat from the Enclave. You could also block the Volcano from bringing out an Obsidian Field if you so desired. And it would help against Blighted Streets in Rook City playing the top card of the villain deck. There are a few other “when destroyed” environment card effects, but generally those are positive things you won’t want to stop from happening.

I had been thinking the Mobile Defense Platform’s engines might be something else this card would help, but that just cares about it reaching 0 HP.

We have nothing to officially announce right now. We would like to make digital Sentinels of Earth-Prime if we can.


Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game (


Hey look, we officially announced! =)


Cross-compatability yeeeeeah! God this is exciting!

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Can we get an official update as to when this month?
a few days? 2 weeks?

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July 28. Sign up to get a notification when it launches here: Sentinels of Earth-Prime - Digital Tabletop Game by Handelabra Games — Kickstarter