Sentinels of the Multiverse fan art!

I'd like to hate them, then I could be the nemesis of the nemesis icons.

Sadly they are really well done and I don't.  Oh well.

I gave one to each of the > G crew and the mods on the forum. Christopher, Adam, Paul, Jodie, Andy, Russ, and Craig (Arenson, Rabit, and Imprimis, respectively).

Here’s my attempt at making Broken Vessel Spite, WIP.

That is awesome!

This is an awesome Death-ray weilding Blade drawn by my brother! He also took a stab at Voss but he didn't like that one.

Due to a rather unexpected amount of Lego love elsewhere, here is something I've been working on for a couple of days and of which I promised someone to post pics.

It's Legocy and the Sentinels of the Miniverse!

The project has gone through several stages. Initially, I just wanted to assemble a few heroes from existing Lego pieces, but then it pretty quickly became clear that A: I have to make everything! and B: that I need to do some painting to get it right. Which is where the whole thing nearly stopped because I feel there is just no way in heck to paint Legos so they don't look rubbish from up close, at least in the eyes of a perfectionist. Acrylic paint makes blotches, Markers make stripes and varnish looks hideous. Put some primer on the figures, you say? Nope, because then they become gritty and nothing fits together anymore. I have painted stupidly small details on miniatures before, but even eyelashes on a 20mm are less annoying than some of this was. So these are all still very much works in progress.

Missing from the Heroes are: Bunker, who is awaiting a consignment of epoxy, Fanatic who has hair issues, Tempest and Omnitron-X who have no heads, Haka and Ra. who have no torsos, and Nightmist and the Scholar, who need to be robed (the Scholar is totally nekkid). Vengeance Heroes will have to wait until I have my copy, but I have Setbacks head, poor guy.

Oh, and Expatriette was already as good as finished, but I accidentally disfigured her face (I know, that's what her mom said!).

Once that they are done, I'll start making some Villains (Blade, Plague Rat, and Citizen Dawn & Co. are already partially assembled )and the Mobile Defense Platform.  I was contemplating making a stop motion scene once I have everything, but thanks to the horrible, horrible paint, the figures wouldn't survive the process. If I ever find a way to fix the problem and am prepared to make everyone again,  I'll reconsider.

Anyway, on to the pictures. If you can't tell who is who, I haven't done my job!  :slightly_smiling_face:

Chrono with the metal arm. Fantastic.

Dat Raptor Bot!

SO good.

Those are awesome, Julia! :grin:  Love the details. Really wish there was a way to have Fixer's hat down over his (blind) eyes, but that's not really possible with what's available. Still, really shiny stuff!

Thanks for sharing!

Well, thanks a bunch!

Oh, you do not want to know the things that I contemplated to fix that issue! But I'll tell you.

I thought about erasing the eyes completely and then drawing a dark shadow on his face. Then I figured, I could blu-tac his head on at an angle. Then I thought, nah, I'll have to re-shape the hat so that the brim is pulled way down low (-> accidental  'Queen' reference) and then I thought, hey, I'll just saw the top of his head off!

But then I looked at myself and I didn't like the person I had become over this. So yeah, Mr.Fixer stays this way (fun fact: the head used to belong to Emperor Palpatine) and I'll take all subsequent pictures at an harsh angle with appropriate lighting. Seriously, it weirds me out a litle to be able to see his eyes, too.


Now Raptor Bots, on the other hand, those I could make all day. But I can't, because I'd starve.



The Grasshopper (age 8) wants your Absolute Zero minifig. Very  badly, I might add.

Those look really awesome!!

I think I am going to have to steal your idea.  Like. Right. Now!!

My daughter and I are playing Lego Marvel Superheores right now (which is super fun, btw) and seeing tehese awesome figs makes me want a SotM version of that game (or any Sentinels video game, really).  Those look great!

Really well done on a lot of art here.

Love Lego Visionary, she's about to make it rain superior brainpower

Wow, those are all really cool :D. I'm afraid it took me a little while to recognise Visionary but in the end I think it was the boots I recognised, for some weird reason. I think it's because card-Visionary's clothing is green rather than blue. Still, I worked it out in the end so that's okay ;). Looking forward to seeing what else you can make :D.

I should get back to making some pictures like that one I did of Mr Chomps...I keep meaning to, but haven't got round to it yet. I also haven't got any particular thoughts on which card art to do - I was just gonna look through them and find one that I think I can do. I might also go back to Mr Chomps and add in the background. If I could be arsed, I'd redo him bigger (so the fiddly details of his claws and teeth look less messy and more like...well, claws and teeth ;)) but it took me a couple of hours to do that version so I'll probably just leave him as he is.

LOVE! Love love love!

Oh, and Expatriette was already as good as finished, but I accidentally disfigured her face (I know, that's what her mom said!).




You. Crack. Me. Up.

Absolutely fantastic Sentinels of the Legoverse.

Been wanting to do this for a while.


Beautiful work.


But should she be flying with that thing over her face?

Can't be very safe.