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Jan 17 2104- Updated Format

Feb 1st 2014, will be posting Vengeance stuff.

March 27th 2014, Tactics stuff updated.

Aug 5th, 2014, Prime Wardens added  from Wrath Event

Aug 13, 2014, Added EA Labs and RevoCorp Pages. Also previously added an Iterations of Omnitron page, all three can be found here

Aug 14 20114, Sentinel Tactics infromation added, about members of The Organization and the Citizens of the Sun


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It was mentioned in another thread that there was surprise there is no wiki for SotM. Given all the tidbits of information we find, the insane backstory that weaves through all the expansions, and bits and pieces here and there that will mean something much later on...


We simply -must- have one.


So i started one!



Its nothing special. It needs images, but I do not know how much we are allowed to post regarding infromation on this sight and images. If you have ever worked with MediaWiki (the most popular version of the wiki, pretty much with Wikipedia uses) then wiki dot is similar, but a slightly different coding scheme. It doesnt take long to get the hang off for basic editing, and ive already formated the majority of pages so all that needs to be done is intesert the information!



SO Whats needed is for the Sentinels to go forth and add what we know (Since I don't actually own the game yet (dont worry my money is in the kickstarter :P) and just play with my friends version when i get over there) and add as much info as we can find.


And then I'd also love to get some permission or guidelines from >G on what kind of images we're allowed to post. I am pretty sure full cards are out, but maybe it would be OK for full hero cards to be posted, given what spiff has on his website I think its ok? 


Anyways this is the product of me getting the energy for a project and staying up way to late, so if you find oddities either let me know or fix it yourself if you can (the glory of Wiki's) But its started, now it needs the rest of you to help flesh it out.


1) Add a section for Have strategies.Heroes, villains, environments. You can ask the users online for thier permission to sue thier posts.

2) Good synergies with characters.

3) Can you chnage "The Game" to the Multiverse? I can't 

4) Fanart, costumes, stories

5)Podcasts, youtube videos, etc...

I will give more suggestions, and I can help out with some articles, etc...


EDIT: explained my third point. Also explained myself more. SOunded less dickish


There is a secton on each heroe page for general strategies, and the idea for more detailed strategies to be linked to their own pages from that section. If you look at AbZero's page, i linked Firewalkers abzero guide, but yes I should get permission.


And General Strategies would be a good place for Synergies


I will certainly change it to Multiverse. Good idea.


And i had some fan created section on the game page, but ill make its own page given that there is so much more that could be added.

Perfect. This looks great!

This is an excellent site.  And you say that you don't even own the game yet?  That's dedication.  I'll definitely try to get my group to help me come up with some good additions!

I don't own a physical copy myself yet :P I have 200 dollars in the kickstarter for playtesting status, all the boxes, and Vengeance, and the two mini expansions. Im going to try to foget I paid for vengeance, so it will be WHOA FREE STUFF! day when it arrives XD


I play weekly with my buddy Smafdi, who does own all the current game. But I don't have direct access to the card to go adding the cool little tidbits and stuff that others have fun. Not until may that is. o.o

You have permission to link to any of my guides.  Just make sure my name is on them.  :slightly_smiling_face:

Are we still unable to use >G art?

Never had a call from >G one way or another. Id love to hear back to say if we can or cannot - I /believe/ it falls under Fair Use but I am not certain (i am not a copyright lawyer:P) 


As they are already going up on the wiki, if it becomes a problem as owner of the wiki ill remove them, but I don't think it will be. 

Probably best to not post official art without explicit permission you can point to.  Have you tried emailing them?

We will be releasing a Creative Commons art pack after this kickstarter is done. We are very interested in supporting the wiki, but right now, 100% or our time is being spend on the Kickstarter, Shattered Timelines, Vengeance, and [redacted]. But we will get art to you soon. 

I'm sorry, didn't quite catch it, what was that last one after Vengeance?

Oh, sorry. I must have misspoken. The last one was [redacted]. It's a [redacted], [redacted]-[redacted] game that we're very excited about. We think you'll really enjoy [redacted].

Hope this helps!

Very helpful.

What would the funniest thing ever is if the game was actually called [redacted]. I really hope it is. 

I thought I would create some fanart for the pages, but it sounds like there will be some free-to-use art soon.  I went ahead and uploaded my Fanatic picture to her page.

Hahah greatest Response evar [Redacted]


Im adding a Rumors page and putting that quote in it << >>



And thanks, on the creative commons art pack. Unfortunately I know so very little about copyright law that I do not know if what we have up there or not is useable or not << >> (basically the promo cards from the kickstarter have shown up there - Not sure how legal that is yet :/)


But looking forward to the createive arts pack!


Oh and Dypaca, great on the artwork. When we get the pack mentioned above, ill move that to the Fan Created page.



Spiff, duh. You're a genius. I just emailed Paul. I'll get some answers soon!

Since the first time I saw the word used here, I've been wondering - is the whole "[redacted]" thing a GLaDOS reference? :D

Oh, and Dypaca - wow that's a really cool pic :D.

Nice drawing, Dypaca! Love it.

And I'd love to help with hunting for bits of information for the wiki. There's a few things I can remember I should find. I can even do one right now!

EDIT: I think it's important that everyone doesn't try to flood the wiki pages with their own personal speculations about characters. We'll keep all that here. But I think it's okay if we post things that are heavily hinted at and we all agree on, like how Bunker: Engine of War is almost certainly Fright Train in a Bunker suit. Any objections to this method?

On BGG I've been trying to keep the Additional Info section updated for all the extras this game contains as well as keeping a long post updated explaining to people where various characters come from in the game and such ( I was looking to see what might cross over from the resources I've tried to maintain to the Wiki but it looks like its mostly covered already. Just organized differently.