Hey Guys,

What Sentinels ships do you ship?

Personally I like Legacy/Ms. Pearsons and Tahcyon/Dana (Cause I'm not gonna break canon ships)

Additionally I think Wraith/Tarus could probably work. 

Nightmist/Abloslute Zero could probably also work because they both have touching people problems and I could see them bonding over that.

Who is Tarus?

He appears in Rook City.

Oh, Tony Taurus.

I thought you were talking about postage-type shipping when I read the title. 

Lol you weren't the only one - I was wondering why it was in this section of the forum until I read the post and went "Ohh, that type of shipping!" ;).

So I guess the big question is Paul&Tyler or Paul/Tyler.

I said in the original post that I personally think that Legacy is probably faithful to his wife.

Ardent Adept and Bunker on the other hand...


In other news people seem convinced that Expat and Setback are/will be an item due to the DW promo card backs, what are your opinions on this new development? 

I'm not sure why everyone's so convinced those two are together.  He could just be upset about having caused the death/near-death of his good friend and team mate.  There doesn't need to be anything romantic for that picture to work.

I'm not sure why you're so convinced that everyone's so convinced those two are together.

Because it's all anyone ever says when they mention that picture.

Yeah, not all of us believe it's romantic. We're just less vocal about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, for me, it's the fact that it appears on both promo cards and our first appearance of Setback is some potentially-flirtatious dialogue on Expatriette's Shock Rounds.  The evidence definitely seems to point towards a deeper, more involved relationship existing than simply just teammates.

I mean, what other incap cards have heroes in such a position?  The only ones I can think of are Legacy and Fem-Legacy, who are father and daughter.  I definitely think Setback/Expat are a thing...

It must have been love at first shock round to the chest...

Hey, some guys have to pay to get a pretty girl to shoot them in the chest with high-tech ammunition.

Agree. Sure, they totally could be romantically linked, but nothing specifically says "romance". Let's wait and see, huh?

Who knows?

You, sir, are evil. Awesomely evil, but evil nonetheless.

Thanks! :grin:

I blame the Christmas season, they're getting all sappy on us.

Either that or the soft fluffy adorableness of that horde of Chompers reached critical mass.

Baron Blade & Bunker.

What? It could work....