Slip the Flow of Time Clarification

Hello, friends

I was playing Fractured Days Split the Sky, and stumbled upon something that I wanted a clarification on. The object of this desired clarification is Fractured Days’ Innate Power, Slip the Flow of Time. I checked the FAQ, but found nothing.

For reference, Slip the Flow of Time reads in part:

You may use this Power any number of times.
Cost to Use: 1 Time per previous use this turn.
3 :crescent_moon: 1 :wind: Target Spirit may Resolve 1 Slow Power now.

So, assuming Fractured Days has the requisite Time to pay to repeat Slip the Flow of Time, can one use this Threshold to Resolve the same Slow Power multiple times in one Turn? Or can a Power only be Resolved one time every time it is played?

This seems to be a case of “General versus Specific.” The general rules state that a given Power can only be Resolved once every time it is played. Whereas this specific Innate Power says to Resolve a Slow Power every time the Innate is used, and says nothing about it needing to be a different Power. So which one wins? General rules or a specific Power’s rules?

So, what do you all think?

I don’t think that level of threshold would allow you to resolve a power that has already been resolved this turn.
But my gut says that if you also meet the other thresholds which would allow you to reclaim and then play and pay for the same power you just resolved, I think you could then repeat the power if you targeted the same Spirit with a second use of Slip the Flow of Time, as the card that was in play is not the same as the one that is in play now.

But I have no official reasoning for believing this.

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Yeah, that’s the interpretation I’m leaning towards as well.

I know that, yes, one can definitely do that. I remember that Eric specifically mentioned that combo in the old Jagged Earth Kickstarter update for Fractured Days.