SotM errata/clarifications collected

I can’t find my original post where I said I’ve collected up the errata and clarifications from the forums into a single PDF so that I (and you!) can carry it around on your iPad or print out or do whatever with it, but I’ve updated it to include the two latest official rulings, one for Tachyon’s “Sonic Vortex” card and one for the “Citizen Tears” wording update. You can get the file here:

Thanks Spiff!

I’ve stickied this topic so that it does not get lost like the last one :slight_smile:

The PDF has been updated to include the excellent full card list provided by awmiller.

Thanks for taking my basic list and prettying it up. I love this document, and am glad to have been able to contribute.

Updated with the latest clarifications.

The file has been updated with a few corrections in the original card list, additions of all the Rook City cards to the list (thanks to Broccoli for doing the work of listing all the new cards for me), the inclusion of the original rules (the Rook City rules haven’t been posted in PDF form yet so I don’t have those to include), and a few new rules clarifications I’ve picked up from the forums. We haven’t had a whole lot of official rulings in a while, so there hasn’t been much for me to add.

My errata/clarifications PDF has had a major overhaul. Broccoli’s been pointing out a few places where my doc needed updating, and I’ve known all along that the whole PDF was a half-assed effort on my part at best, so I finally sat down and tried to give it a full-assed treatment. What you’ll find in the PDF now:

  1. The formatting of Errata and Clarifications section has been improved to make the whole thing much easier to find the info you’re looking for. Also, I’ve done a better job of making information available where it’s needed. For example, if the “Damage” section clarifies how a particular hero’s card should act, I’ve also copied that info into the hero’s own section so you don’t have to check everywhere to find what you’re looking for.

  2. I’ve added the few Rook City clarifications I’m aware of so far, so you’ll find sections for Matriarch, Plague Rat and Spite.

  3. The official rulebook is included in my PDF. When the Rook City rule book becomes available online, I’ll probably switch it out for that one.

  4. I’ve copied the hero and villain bios from the website and included them in the PDF as well. They make for fun reading.

  5. I’ve expanded the information in the card list section so that you can see what kind of card each one is (ongoing, equipment, etc.) and if a card has hp, how many hp it has.

As always, if you find something wrong with the file, please let me know so I can fix it.

I want to thank Spiff for the incredible effort. Love the new version.

More great detective work by broccoli has led to another update of the PDF. With each iteration, it becomes even MORE indispensable to SotM gamers everywhere! :wink:

Will the errata be distributed with Rook City?

There was no errata distributed with the copies of Rook City that we Kickstarter participants got, so I’d say no. This PDF is just my own attempt to gather up the clarifications that I’ve seen have been given official answers. However, it’s not an official Sentinels of the Multiverse thing at all.

There will be an official publication later this year with very official and conclusive errata.

Big, meaty update to the PDF adding official clarifications to a bunch of questions asked by Broccoli directly to Chris. Lots of stuff from Rook City, but some classic stuff too. Check it out.

Good things happen when Christopher and I have to sit for several hours together on airplanes and in airports. On our journey to and from PAX Prime last fall, much of Rook City got written. On our way to and from PAX East last week, we answered all of the questions from broccoli… and wrote some other stuff as well.

Another update to the PDF incorporating five or six official clarifications I’ve seen in the past few weeks, including two of Legacy’s first-ever clarifications. I took this opportunity to add the Rook City heroes and villain bios to the PDF as well. They’re copy/pastes from the info we got on the Rook City Kickstarter, so they’re not in the same style as the original bios. But they make for good reading and I like having it all in one place.

I almost added Cosmic Omnitron to the bios, but since I’m still hoping we’ll get an alternate Baron Blade, I didn’t want to jinx it. I’ll add Nightmist (I refuse to capitalize the silly ‘M’) in a batch with other Infernal Relics characters once we learn more about them.

I really appreciate your work in compiling all these clarifications and it is my go-to reference whenever I have doubts. However, can the file be made smaller in terms of file size?

The reason it’s gotten larger is because of the hero and villain bios. About 78 of the 85mb of the file are due to the art-intensive bio sections, and .zipping the file only removes about 1mb (lame).

Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll post a second PDF that’s just the clarifications, rules, and card list. With just that stuff, it’s only 6.4mb. The two PDF links can be found at:

I sent you a message too, but I would like to point out that your verdict for Stealth under “Next Damage” is incorrect.

It doesn’t actually say “reduce the next damage to the Wraith by 2,” it says “Prevent the next 2 damage she would take.” This means that not only can she block irreducible damage with it, but – more importantly – extra stealth she doesn’t use does persist, even if she uses some of it. Since it doesn’t say “reduce the next damage,” like Haka of Shielding does, it isn’t limited to the next time she takes damage. it specifically refers to the next 2 points of damage, even if they come from different sources.,38.0.html

This is where Spiff got the information from and explains that there are inconsistencies within the text of several cards.

So, stealth is worded wrong. It’s “reduce the next damage by 2,” not "prevent the next 2 damage. Ok then.