SotM errata/clarifications collected

I agree that I should update the PDF to say “prevent” not “reduce”. But as the link that Ronway posted shows, extra Stealth she doesn’t use does not persist. I’m not sure about the question of whether Stealth can affect irreducible damage. This isn’t the place to hash it out though. Perhaps a different thread dedicated to that question is in order (or maybe that’s already happened and I missed it).

Stealth should say “prevent 2 of the next damage”, because it really is prevention, not reduction. It works against irreducible damage.

At least, that’s my impression, which I vaguely think may have come from a conversation with Christopher. I don’t have a source to cite and haven’t (yet) searched the forums …

Discussed here:,400.msg4572.html#msg4572

Not definitive, but this is where my vague memory was coming from.

I do recall one of them (Chris, Paul, or that one guy everyone believes because he is usually right) saying that it prevents irreducible damage, but I agree that it should be reworded.

Either “The next time Wraith takes damage, prevent 2 of it” or just make it not block irreducible damage.

The PDFs have been updated. The changes:

  1. I cleaned up the description of Wraith’s “Stealth” ability so that I refer correctly to “preventing” and not “reducing” damage. That lead me to add a clarification about how you can prevent irreducible damage even if you can’t reduce irreducible damage.

  2. I added clarifications to The Chairman that lead me to make new entries under the General Villain Clarifications, all to the effect that the definition of a “villain character card” is a character card in the villain deck that has the “villain” keyword. This means that The Operative is not a villain character card. I also pointed out that you don’t have to be a villain character card to have the Nemesis icon on your card, so even though The Operative isn’t a villain character card, she still is Mr. Fixer’s nemesis because she has his icon on her character card.

  3. I added a few clarifications about the additional powers mentioned on Plague Rat’s “filthy vermin” side (the powers are in addition to a hero’s usual powers, and they are only in effect when PR is on his “filthy vermin” side. They go away when he flips).

Big update to the PDF that has the hero and villain bios.  It now has all the Rook City and Infernal Relics heroes and villains (thanks to the spiffy new site update, that info is now available), and I've also added a third section for the information about all of the environments that the new site now displays.

The PDF is still graphics-heavy, and though I went back through to try to optimize things a bit, the new file still clocks in at almost 100mb.  But if you'd like to have all the character and environment info to carry around with you on your iPad or whatever, give it a download.

I am planning on going through the Rules & Clarifications PDF to see which of the clarifications and errata are still relevant after the EE update, but haven't gotten to that yet.  I'm not in any rush, since I'll need to update the card list once I get my cards in the mail in Sept., so I might wait until then to make the update.

Wooo! Thanks for pointing out the new bios, I would have missed them otherwise!

Just used your randomizer. Ennead's card is missing Ra as their nemesis.

My understanding is that The Ennead's main villain-type card doesn't actually have Ra as a nemesis on it.  Each of the individual Ennead mini-bosses have Ra as a nemesis, but not the main one.  That's why I left it off of the pic in the randomizer.

I see. Now you know I still don't have IR nor am I a PT. ;)


What do you mean by "The Ennead's main villain-type card"? I don't think there is such a thing.

There is. However, I believe the nemesis icon is usually on the art card and not the text card, but because there is no art card for the Ennead, only a text card. As Spiff mentions, the icon is on each of the individual character cards.

The Ennead are Ra's nemesis, just as Anubis is (in the Tomb of Anubis, because he also has the nemesis symbol). Where the icon is located is just details.


<Edited per arenson9's feedback, below>

Holy, syntax, Bat man! Took me a while to realize what you were saying here until I realized that you'd jammed two sentences together and probably meant:

I was confused by The Ennead too and asked Christopher for some clarifications so I could prepare my accessories for this villain.  My understanding is this:  there is a general villain card for The Ennead, which contains rules text that says stuff like "find the Temple of the Ennead card and put it into play.  Put all the various mini-bosses beneath it, pull out H+2 (or whatever) mini-bosses and put them into play, if there are no more mini-bosses underneath the Temple, flip this card", etc.  But that villain card does no damage, has no hp in and of itself, and has no nemesis icon on it.  It's the individual mini-bosses which have hp, can be targeted, and have the nemesis icons on them.

Yep! My thought (and just mine - feel free to disagree, as it's your app! :slightly_smiling_face: ) is the Ennead as a whole is a nemesis to Ra, it would make sense to put the symbol on the random generator's image.

Don't get me wrong, though; I think it's a minor thing that does not diminish a great tool. :+1:



(And a warning to those who might read this incorrectly: This is written in a tone of friendly sarcasm. :sunglasses:

There are no smilies to reflect the eye rolling I'm doing, as I like my run-on sentences so you should just leave me alone, however I suppose you could correct me and hopefully I'll eventually learn more appropriate sentence structure - but honestly it seems more likely I'll just continue to make stupid mistakes and not even update the original post for future readers, to allow for better comprehension and hey I should go update that, shouldn't I?

(Thanks, arenson9! :wink: )

it would make sense to put the symbol on the random generator's image

Couldn't hurt.

I've made a pretty big update to the Rules and Clarifications PDF, which you can find on my site (  Changes include:

1) I've removed the couple of instances of errata I had now that the cards have been updated in the Enhanced Edition.  Instead, each hero, villain, or environment lists which of their cards have been updated in the EE, which you can look up in...

2) A whole new section which lists every card that's been updated in the EE, with their old text and new text shown side by side.  This was an interesting exercise as I typed out the changes.  In some cases, the changes were very minor and in some cases were a much bigger deal, some of which I'm surprised we haven't seen more QQ about here on the forums (for example, Wraith can no longer prevent irreducible damage like she could before).  It's an interesting read, to see the changes laid out like that.

3) I added the clarification about what "immediately end your turn" means for Fanatic's "Prayer of Desperation" and Nightmist's "Mist-Fueled Recovery".

4) I added the clarification that if Mr. Fixer is able to play "Overdrive" when it's not his turn, he still gets to use his "Strike" power twice on whoever's turn it is when the card is played.

5) I added a note that says that some villain keywords are missing from the oversized villain cards that were part of the latest Kickstarter.

6) I added the clarification that if a hero has been infected by Plague Rat's "Infection" card, that card is not removed when the hero is incapacitated.

7) I added a clarification that even if an environment card doesn't specify the source of damage (i.e. it says "deal XYZ damage" instead of "this card deals XYZ damage") the source of the damage should be considered to be the environment itself, or if it's important, the card itself.

8) I added a note saying that proper rules of arithmetic apply when adding bonuses, so if you have some card that does X damage, where X = the number of somethings in play plus 2 and there are zero somethings in play, the card will still do 2 damage.

9) I added a section in the "Other" general rules section about skipping your turn.

10) I'm including the new EE official rule book now.

I still don't have my Infernal Relics cards yet, obviously, so I haven't updated the Card List to include those, but I will eventually.

Nice. Thanks

It's been a while since I updated my Rules and Clarifications PDF, so I've done so, adding only stuff which has been officially confirmed by SotM staffers here on the forums (as usual).  What's been added:

1) a clarification on whether Mr. Fixer can use another power on the same turn that "Overdrive" lets him use "Strike" twice. (answer: sometimes)

2) reminding players that Ra and Anubis are nemesis, which is easy to overlook.

3) a walkthrough of Apostate's flipping mechanism, which can be confusing

4) clarification that Unity can in fact destroy other people's equipment cards (and that it has to be in play, not in someone's hand)

5) debunking the myth of Argent Adept's infinite loops

6) errata saying that Tony Taurus and Dr. Tremata should be immune to damage from "hero targets" rather than just "heroes" as it currently says on their cards.

7) timing clarification for what happens if you destroy "Forced Deployment" at the beginning of Voss' turn and it brings out enough minions for Voss to win.

8) explanation for how the damage from Supercooled Trisolvent Vat is applied to targets.

More updates to the file:

1) Clarified the Nemesis rule to show that all cards which share a hero's icon are nemeses of each other.

2) Cleaned up a bunch of rulings in the "General" section, mostly to get rid of things which were no longer relevant in the age of the EE.

3) Removed my incorrect text which stated players could determine the order of their start-of-turn effects.  That is not the case.

4) Cleaned up the "ties, timing, and the order abilities take place" section.  Included Avalon's concise rules for when effects happen in card order and when the order can be decided by the players, and tightened up some of the other wording in there.