Spirit Island Wiki

Hey All! 

It took a bit of time to get everything together, but the Official Spirit Island Wiki is created and ready to go!




Like the Sentinel Comics Wiki, account creation is limited to moderators, due to the issue of Spam Bots. If you would like an account to help add new things and fix typos and what not, PM me with your desired username and email address you want attached to your account. I'll get you set up shortly.

It is a seperate database than the Sentinel Comics Wiki, so you'll need a new account even if you already had one.

Hope everyone enjoys the wiki! Feel free to use this thread to comment on and talk about the wiki itself!


Quick note: In the reprint, the difficulty/complexity of Heart of the Wildfire has been changed back to High.

Thanks! I updated Heart to that. Luckily, I spent a lot of time making sure that changes would be very very easy to make.

Thanks for all the work on this, Lynkfox! It's great!  :grin:

Is this a good place to point out typos on the wiki?  There's a couple of mistakes in the River Surges in Sunlight page.  The energy track should be 1-2-2-3-4-4-5, it is missing a 2.  Also, Gain Power Card is missing from the third growth option.

Sure, this is a fine place!

If you want, you can also get an account and fix them yourself :) (These two I will go fix right now)


(The Gain a Power card was because I made a typo in the code, and the ENergy 2 was because I messed up the template for the Presence Tracks and completely forgot to put an Energy2 option in there to display properly. Thanks for pointing it out!)

Would it be possible to get the adversary difficulty chart from the B&C rulebook on the wiki? I'd be more than happy to do some of the leg work, I just don't know how to go about doing it.

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier… Its a great idea! If you want to try it out I can make you an account, otherwise in a week or two I’ll figure something.

PM me an account name and email if you want an account

Just a heads up. I've combined the hosting accounts for the sentinels wiki and the Spirit Island wiki. What this means is that the domain name: spiritislandwiki.com had to be redirected to another ip


You should notice nothing different. If you have some very specific bookmarks and your computer, for whateverreason, is still using an non updated host table, you may notice a problem with them when the original hosting for spiritislandwiki expireres on aug 27th. 


(since I've switched them over Ive seen like 4 or 5 visits still to the old domain. I don't know how or why. Hope they didnt make any edits :p


For 99.9% of you, you will never see a change :)

Hey Lynxfox, tried to go to the spirit island wiki today and it gave me a warning about a misconfigureation on your website. This is normally a sign that your site has either an issue or been hacked. May want to look into it.

I get a site cert expiration so nothing that alarming.   

It was certificiation expiration. There was no automated renewal because I combined the seperate accounts of SentinesWiki and SpiritIslandWiki into one account, and it didn't renew the cert like it did with sentinelswiki


cert has been renewed now, and all things are good :)

Hi guys. I just discovered the Wiki website for Spirit Island and it’s great!

Someone who entered the text on Ocean’s Hungry Grasp’s strategy page for the innate power “Pound Ships to Splinters” was questioning why it would require air to trigger. Waves are born from winds blowing on the surface of water. If you want to create big and strong waves to crash invaders’ ships, you need strong winds, thus the requirement for air element in the power’s thresholds.

That, plus the Air element in Spirit Island tends to represent both speed and movement - fast-moving waves will certainly cause some damage, eh? ;)

Sorry about the thread necromancy, but I took a look at the page for Downpour Drenches the World. After comparing the board from the recent Spirit Spotlight to it's images, and digging through the index for images, I discovered that the wiki already has all the pictures neccesary for it.

The broken link for 2,air in it's upper presence track should point to: https://spiritislandwiki.com/index.php?title=File:2energyair.png

The empty spaces for moving presence in it's lower presence track should point to: https://spiritislandwiki.com/index.php?title=File:Moveonepresence.png


Hope this is helpful in some way!

The new entries for the Habsburg Dynasty are misspelled as "Hapsburg" everywhere it appears.

I'm sure I originally read it as "Hapsburg" when it was first announced - I dunno if that's 'cause it was spelt that way there or if I just misread it somehow, but it was ages before I noticed that the spelling was "Habsburg" in forum posts and such...

Good job to whoever made the new pages listing Cards and explaining game components and terms, like the different Card types and Actions! : )


I passed your praise along to the people in question; they appreciated it. :smiley: