Steam Nickname Thread

Since our favorite superhero game is HERE, and with the recent suggestion of making one, I figured I'd take the initiative to compile everyone's steam name under one thread. I'll update all the names on the first post so we don't have to scroll through it.

When we get multiplayer mode in the game, it will be exciting to have a nice platform to have our game sessions on, rather than having to have the physical cards in front of us and a Google spreadsheet. For that, this list will help us find each other to host games.

To make it easier for your fellow forumites to find you, you may also include a link to your steam profile. If your profile is private, only these links will allow us to find you. I'll try to find people on Steam and add the link myself, so if your name doesn't have one then we probably can't find you. You should give us your CURRENT Steam nickname in order to send friend requests, or else your profile cannot be discovered.

Names to be added:

None... For now.


Post updated.

Also, I like how Ronway included the profile link. That should be a good method to find people easier, because you CAN share the same nickname on Steam.

Here I am (imprimis5). I literally play nothing on Steam, and have nothing in my library except for the beta of Sentinels!

I think my Steam logon is the same as my forum name. Or it might be M3zik3. One or the other, I'm sure.

I wasn't able to verify one or the other. When I typed in your forum name, there were a bunch of results of "Mezik"

I'll chuck mine into the mix!


Ha! In that case I hope my Steam logon doesn't reset itself or I'll be totally screwed!

Just checked and it's definitely m3zik3, my profile is public too so you should be able to see it?

"There are no users that match your search." Provide a link, perhaps? Also, is your nickname the same as your username?

j03b0b0fd00m, although I do not play very often.


I also have a Wii U and a 360. My online usernames for those are McBehrer and McBehrer2, respectively.


Edit 1: I have no idea how you guys did the spiffy links that just highlighted your names.  I am fail. :D

Edit 2:  Now with fancier linking!

Type something, then highlight those words, then click the link button in the toolbar, and paste the link in there.

Oh right, you have to make your own custom url or it doesn't work. That's pretty dumb. Here I am then!

Yeah, Mezike it says your profile is private. That's why I couldn't find it outside of the link. Updating it now!

Edit: McBehrer, apparently yours is private too. I'll need your URL when you get the chance.

My Steam name is Ameena1 :).

Steam ID is cmschex

Defeateddust I don’t play too often because of school work, but I’m starting to get more into it.